Super Harvest Moon Werewolf Warning

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Harvest Moon Werewolf Hunting Down A Foolish Farmer!

The Full Moon of September 2023 is under the metaphysical mastery of an armada of Agricultural Gods. That is why it’s known as the Harvest Moon. The enchanted energy of this month’s lunar light compels Werewolves to seek out farm fields as their hellish hunting grounds. This is the most dangerous time of year for farmers who are often out late harvesting their crops under the bright light of this large Moon. Naturally, they become the number one prey for the hounds of hell! On the other hand, Werewolf Hunters know exactly where to lie in wait to hunt down their own prey in order to save innocent human lives!

The demonic forces of Hell utilize the Werewolf’s convenient location as a malevolent messenger tool. Through the demonic DNA of the werewolf directives of Hell are sent forth sub-consciously causing the hairy horrors to create crop circles that relay secret codes. These signal the forces of darkness around the world that nefarious machinations are afoot for the coming Halloween Season. When within their work of making messages they are often oblivious to their surroundings. Thus potential prey may escape along with Werewolf Hunters having the sneaky tactical advantage.

This Harvest Moon is also a Supermoon thus gifting us with the Super Harvest Moon of madness! As the Moon is much closer to Earth the lunar forces cause far more aggressive Werewolves with twice to thrice the strength, speed, agility, and senses! When not engaged in crop circle creation they will be a deep diabolical danger that will defy many Werewolf Repellents. You’ll need to increase the number and potency of any given repellent method for efficient effectiveness from dusk to dawn. Stay Indoors And Stay Safe!­čÉ║

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