A Message To All Werewolves & Werewolf Lovers

We recently received a communication from an extremely agitated individual who was angered over our eradication of the Werewolf menace.  They did not take kindly to us taking down their own kind.  For the record we don’t take Werewolf hunting lightly.  We realize that these super wolves of the night are people with real lives, and families by day.  Many are innocent, devoid of evil, and didn’t choose to be cursed with the supernatural disease of Lycanthropy.  We at Mystic Investigations are well aware of the ethical, and moral implications of killing a Werewolf.  Unfortunately we need to protect the public, and using Werewolf tranquilizers isn’t always effect or feasible for the situation.  If a life is in immediate danger or we see no other way to contain the situation then silver bullets must fly forth in a flurry of paranormal justice.

Yes we wish that our patented Werewolf tranqs, containing Wolfsbane, minute amounts of Colloidal Silver, and other ingredients of a mystical nature, would knock every Werewolf out instantly so we could take them back to Mystic Investigations until they return to human form.  Unfortunately they don’t work instantly, and they have different effects on various Werewolves so we can’t chance it many times.  Our Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie, and our White Witch Rebecca Abernathy continue to work on a realistic solution.  Until then we must think of the innocent people, including kids, that could be mauled, infected, or killed by a rampaging Werewolf full of lust for human flesh, and blood.

We only hunt the out of control Lycans that almost always come out on the nights of the full Moon.  We regret that we must put down Werewolves that are most likely newly born, and have yet to realize they’re a Werewolf.  Humans who wake up naked, bloody, and muddy in rural areas with no memory of the entire night.   However others are ones who refuse to chain or cage themselves up for the safety of humankind.  We have no reason to hunt other Werewolves who restrain themselves, or are members of packs who have control over their transformations.  Those Werewolves with human consciousness who enjoy running with the pack in the forest at night.  As long as you leave humans alone we can all coexist in peace.  So please forgive us when we are forced to take down a Werewolf that you may consider your brother or sister.   It’s done only as a last resort to save an innocent human life.  Thank you all for your understanding as we fight the good fight against supernatural evil, and injustice within the long dark shadows of the moon lit night.

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I'm the President of Mystic Investigations. A private paranormal crime fighting organization out for supernatural justice in a world full of supernatural darkness.
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