Friday The 13th Demonic Werewolf Warning

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Friday The 13th is one of the few days certain ArchDemons are let loose from hell.  Archdemons are powerful fallen Archangels who now dwell in the bloody sea of eternal evil.  Once in our reality they seek out violent rage filled paranormal creatures.  Since the moon is still above 80% full, Werewolves are the top candidates for demonic possession.  Once they possess a Werewolf they use their new powerful body as a focused weapon against humans.

Any Friday the 13th that coincides with a full moon (80% or more) leads to demons possessing werewolves as they roam about in a rambling rage during the haunted hours between dusk and dawn.  When the Lycanthropes transmute back to human form the demon is still with them, and in full control of their mind, and body.  Despite trying to hide it you will see signs of evil in what is otherwise a good person.  They will possess superhuman strength well beyond even that of their werewolf form.  Once in werewolf form their strength and speed will be ten times greater!  In addition none of the normal werewolf deterrents, such as Wolfsbane, will work on them.  Not even silver bullets.

You can identify a demonic werewolf by the ghastly crimson glow of their enlarged enraged eyes.  We suggest you exercise extreme caution when going out at after Midnight on Friday morning or at night before Midnight Saturday.  In fact we recommend staying in a home with active protection spells in place or somewhere on hallowed grounds.  Use of a silver cross or holy water will have limited effect on these demonic beasts of the night and may in fact anger them even more.  They will be a lot more intelligent than a standard werewolf so you can’t simply scare it away like an animal.   You need to seriously run for your life because it’s your only chance.  Once you spot the hellish hound you’re pretty much dead unless you can get to hallowed ground or someone with amazing magical powers.  We wish you luck on this most unlucky of days which is now even more dangerous thanks to the full moon.

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