Super Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon Werewolf Watch

As you may have read in earlier paranormal forecasts, the Yule Moon of December yield smaller timid white furred Werewolves.   Humans who have been Werewolves for less than 7 years will not transform at all.  Now we have unusual coincidence of a Lunar Eclipse coinciding with a yule moon.  On top of that it’s a super sized eclipse as well.  And if that wasn’t enough, not only will the moon disappear from skies for a time but it will also turn into a blood red moon like that of October. 

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So what does this mean for Werewolves? Normally a super moon causes increased aggression, and power as they grow to double the size.  The Blood Moon also causes increased rage, and strength.  A lunar eclipse usually causes the Werewolf to de-transform into a human yet maintaining the monstrous Werewolf persona.  They then go on serial killing sprees.  After studying various ancient texts we have determined that as usual for the Yule Moon, there will be the humans who don’t transform at Moon rise, and the older ones that will become docile albino Werewolves.  When the eclipse begins causing the moon to disappear, the albinos will return to human form.  They will remain at peace under the power of the Christmas Moon.  Those who did not transform will be the same as well.

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Then as the Moon reappears in a super sized blood red form we will see all those afflicted with the Lycanthropy virus transform into ferocious albino Werewolves just like the pure blood Werewolves devoid of a soul who exist all year round in Werewolf form.  They won’t be as large in size but they will be extremely lethal in nature with the added benefit of white snow camouflage.

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Luckily this will only last a short period of time.  Thankfully the spirit of Christmas prevents these beasts from being three times as deadly.  Once the blood Moon subsides, all the Werewolves will revert to the timid, and harmless Yule Moon Werewolves.  Although since this lunar eclipse is so close to sunrise, they’ll return to human form quickly.  Indeed this a rare transformation that Cryptozoologists will be dying to witness.

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It is our belief that these rare set of astronomical coincidences are in fact not coincidence but a perpetuation of a master plan of some type.  Our supernatural sources have picked up dark paranormal chatter that indicates this night is brought to you by the Anti-Claus who loathes the peace, and joy his brother Santa Claus brings to the world.  Clearly he had help from various demonic, and Earthly magical sources.  Most certainly we haven’t seen the last of his nefarious ways this Christmas season!

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