January Wolf Moon Werewolf Warning

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The January Wolf moon is probably the most dangerous full moon of the entire year due to all Werewolves uncharacteristically teeming up into violent packs to terrorize humanity during the long cold winter nights.  Normally Werewolves are solitary creatures.  This doesn’t include Werewolves conscious of their Lycanthropic condition who willing join wolf packs, and don’t normally hunt down humans.

Not only will the hairy horrors be in huge gangs but also general Werewolf activity will increase many fold due to them making up for the dormancy of the December Yule Moon.  We suggest locking yourself inside, and hanging Wolfsbane, and silver ornaments around doors, and windows.  Then sleep with your silver bullet gun or holy water squirt gun nearby.  The wandering Werewolf packs will be too great in number for you or even Werewolf hunters to take down.  Even if you get one or a few there will be three more going after you.

If you find your home under attack by a hoard of vicious blood thirsty Werewolves then we suggest calling 911.  We normally don’t recommend calling the mainstream authorities but in this case you need loud sirens, and light flashing on your home to scare away these demonic dogs of damnation.  Good luck during these full Wolf Moon nights, and may God have mercy on your soul!

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