Southern Hemisphere Harvest Moon Warning

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Harvest Moon WerewolfWhile the Northern Hemisphere of Earth is under the influence of the Storm Moon the Southern Hemisphere is ruled by the Harvest Moon.  As the days grow shorter the bright Harvest Moon is a welcome addition to light the night.  Farmers often utilize the Moon to continue their crop harvesting activities into the nocturnal hours.  Unfortunately this activity attracts Werewolves from the woods, and countrysides into farm fields where rural workers become easy prey.  Since the Werewolves are drawn to fields of crops they can also be found making their way there across roadways, and residential backyards.  Take caution during the Full Harvest Moon, and don’t assume that moving shadow out of the corner of your eye isn’t a deadly Lycanthrope!

In addition to the standard Werewolf countermeasures of silver, wolfsbane, holy water, etc there’s the fact that Autumn Nymphs are drawn to fields in the midst of being harvested.  If you should find yourself face to face with a hairy horror near a farm then a prayer to a Nymph Of Fall wouldn’t hurt if all else has failed.  These minor Autumn deities have the ability to calm a Werewolf down, and even distract it so you can escape.  Should you see a giant pile of leaves whirl about madly then that’s your cue to run!

See Our Simultaneous Northern Hemisphere Storm Moon Forecast for additional information including the effects of Saint Patrick’s Day & Friday The 13th on the lunar energies that define Werewolves.


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