July Lightning Moon Werewolf Watch

A Werewolf Watch is in effect until the Moon is below 80% full.  During the 80% to 99% range you will see ever increasing or decreasing Werewolf transformations since Moon fullness percentage is related to the age of the Werewolf.  Those more recently transformed into Werewolves will transform at a lower percentage while older Lycanthropes will transform … Read more

March Storm Moon Werewolf Warning

With the Storm Moon of March at 99% illumination you can expect numerous Werewolf sightings.  In fact many have been reported thus far.  Especially in places hit by thunder or snow storms.  During March storms the Lycanthropes will display increased aggression.  Luckily the fatalities, and injuries are at a minimum thanks literally to luck. The luck of … Read more

Ice Moon Werewolf Warning

Many Werewolf sightings have been reported over the past week, and the dangers of the vicious wolf monsters still lurks as the Moon is still at 91% of full.  Luckily the Ice Moon has little negative effect on Werewolf activity.  However there have been a handful of reported Lycanthrope attacks reported across North America.  Global statistics … Read more

Friday The 13th Demonic Werewolf Warning

Friday The 13th is one of the few days certain ArchDemons are let loose from hell.  Archdemons are powerful fallen Archangels who now dwell in the bloody sea of eternal evil.  Once in our reality they seek out violent rage filled paranormal creatures.  Since the moon is still above 80% full, Werewolves are the top … Read more

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