Southern Hemisphere Harvest Moon Warning

While the Northern Hemisphere of Earth is under the influence of the Storm Moon the Southern Hemisphere is ruled by the Harvest Moon.  As the days grow shorter the bright Harvest Moon is a welcome addition to light the night.  Farmers often utilize the Moon to continue their crop harvesting activities into the nocturnal hours.  … Read more

Harvest And Storm Moon Werewolf Watch

Most of our forecasts over the years tended to be for the Northern Hemisphere but our good friends to the south have made their voices heard.  So we will now try to address paranormal activity for the entire planet since each hemisphere has the polar opposite seasons.  The Northern Hemisphere, including North America, Central America, … Read more

Harvest Moon Werewolf Warning

The full Harvest Moon of September is upon us, and Werewolves are afoot throughout the countrysides of the Earth.  Although they are most populated in North America, and Europe.  While the brighter Moon of the Autumnal Equinox encourages farmers to continue their harvesting into the night it also draws out Werewolves from the forests, and wooded areas.  As a Werewolf in … Read more

Werewolf Warning – Full Harvest Moon

September brings us the full moon closest to the Atumnal Equinox.  The infamous Harvest Moon which is known for appearing big and bright in the sky thanks to it’s low position and the optical illusion of the atmosphere.  This brighter moon causes increased power in werewolves although usually not increased evil aggression which is what … Read more

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