Harvest Moon Werewolf Warning

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The full Harvest Moon of September is upon us, and Werewolves are afoot throughout the countrysides of the Earth.  Although they are most populated in North America, and Europe.  While the brighter Moon of the Autumnal Equinox encourages farmers to continue their harvesting into the night it also draws out Werewolves from the forests, and wooded areas.  As a Werewolf in human form begins to come under the influence of the monthly full Moon they feel the sudden need to leave their homes or where ever they are, and head to the shelter of the woodland.  This despite their natural lust for human food.  This could be Mother Nature’s way of reducing the carnage of a Werewolf attack in a heavily populated area, or Angelic forces doing their part to keep the Supernatural Secrecy Pact intact.  Of course it’s not unheard of for a Werewolf to be spotted in cities.

So generally Werewolves who aren’t responsible, or aware of their condition, and don’t lock themselves up will be in remote rural areas most of the time.  There they will hunt for animal game unless they happen upon human prey.  However on the full Harvest Moon they will run freely about open countrysides including agricultural lands which puts nocturnal farmers in danger.  These rampant Lycanthropes could also make their way into residential subdivisions, and industrial parks which are often near farm fields.  So residents, and second to third shift workers in such areas should take precautions to protect themselves from being bitten, maimed, or killed by this hellish hairy horror.

A line of Red Sea salt around your perimeter is helpful but won’t stop them if they determined to rip you to shreds.  Hanging silver, and the herb Wolfsbane, aka Aconitum, about your home along with planting it is an excellent deterrent.  Wearing these things upon yourself will help as well.  Particularly if you wear a silver cross or crucifix.  Farmers who carry a rifle on their tractor should make sure it’s loaded with silver bullets since any other type of bullets will be useless, and only further enrage a Werewolf.  Those who care not to use guns or sharp silver implements, such as swords, can get a super soaker squirt gun.  Load the squirt gun up with holy water from your church of choice.  Catholic is the most powerful of holy waters.  Then mix colloidal silver, and Wolfsbane essence in the sacred waters.  When you shoot a Lycanthrope with this holy mix he or she will roar in pain as unholy vapors of white or red rise from it’s fur.  Red vapors mean heavier damage as blood is in the mix.  The beast will generally flee but it not then keep bombarding it as you have a chance to eradicate it.  Still remember they’re a human who will be missed by family, and friends.  At all costs simply repel or capture it if you have the skill.  Always call a paranormal professional if you spot a Werewolf so they can protect the public.  Just check your local yellow pages under “Werewolf Hunter” or “Werewolf Slayer”.

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