Harvest And Storm Moon Werewolf Watch

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Ferocious WerewolfMost of our forecasts over the years tended to be for the Northern Hemisphere but our good friends to the south have made their voices heard.  So we will now try to address paranormal activity for the entire planet since each hemisphere has the polar opposite seasons.  The Northern Hemisphere, including North America, Central America, tip of South America, Europe, Russia, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and most of Asia, is experiencing the Autumn Harvest Moon.  While the Southern Hemisphere, including most of South America, Antarctica, Southern Africa, and Australia, is under the influence of the Spring Storm Moon.  Both full Moons yield Werewolf activity everywhere on Earth so caution is to be exercised just about everywhere! Oddly enough people living in a narrow equatorial zone will be safe since Werewolves cannot transform in those areas.  Even if fully transformed they will turn back to human form if they wander into such safe havens.  It’s one of the few places on Earth naturally safe from the Lycanthrope scourge.  This is due to the neutralization of mystical lunar forces at the Equator. Unseen supernatural forces that cause the actual transformation of Werewolves, and that coincide with the full Moon we see in the sky. This is why the transmutation of Werewolves occurs even with excessive cloud cover.  However the addition of maximum lunar luminosity does increase Werewolf strength, speed, agility, and aggression.

Equator Safe From Werewolves

This neutralization at the Equator is the result of polar opposite forces that lie in each hemisphere.  If someone were to travel to a different hemisphere they’d notice that the Moon appeared to be upside down from their viewpoint.  When standing on the Equator the Moon can appear one of two ways depending on which direction you look at it.  From a supernatural stand point the Moon is in balance on the Equator, and it’s powers can no longer effect Lycanthropes.  Some Werewolves have chosen to re-locate to the Equator to end the nightmare of transformations along with possible deaths, and injuries resulting from their Werewolf persona.  The catch to this is that the zone is extremely small. Although the Equator technically has no width there is a slim supernatural zone that exists.  This safe zone is unfortunately only about a mile wide at most give or take several feet depending on varied factors.  Coincidentally the 100% guaranteed safe zone appears to always be 666 feet on either side of the Equator, or 1332 total feet wide.  We’re not sure why the number of the Devil plays a role in the creation of a Werewolf free zone.  Although Werewolves are demonic in origin.  On a positive note the closer you live to that zone the less aggressive Werewolves tend to be, and less likely transformations will occur in older Werewolves who are more resistant to the lunar forces.  So that’s at least a swath of several miles where you can relax to some degree.

Autumn Harvest Moon

In the Northern Hemisphere the September Harvest Moon is the full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox, and the supernatural holiday known as Mabon.  The Harvest Moon is very bright causing an increase in Werewolf power but no noticeable increase in aggression. Of course they’re already ferocious enough as it is!  The Harvest Moon seems to override the natural instinct of Werewolves to head into wooded areas to stalk potential prey which is preferably human.  They instead head into populated areas first beginning with farms in which farmers harvest their crops into the night by the light of the bright full Autumn Moon.  This is the time of year when farmers become the number one fatality of Lycantropes, or of course become Werewolves themselves.  We urge those in the agricultural industry planning to take advantage of the full Moon to exercise extreme caution out in the fields.  Since Werewolves will be wandering into populated areas we can expect more carnage than usual from these hairy horrors!

Spring Storm Moon

For you folks in the Southern Hemisphere the September Storm Moon is the full Moon closest to the Vernal Equinox, and the supernatural holiday known as Ostara.  The Storm Moon brings an increased aggression, and even more deadly intent in Werewolves during storms whether they be thunder, or blizzard in nature.  In the Northern Hemisphere this is somewhat negated by the good luck of Saint Patrick’s Day in March.  Unfortunately St.Patrick will be of no help in the September South.  If the weather is clear then activity will be normal yet still very dangerous in nature near wooded areas.  Those in urban zones are generally safe since urban werewolves begin having the urge to head to rural areas even before their actual transformations physically manifest themselves.  Perhaps this is Mother Natures way of protecting humanity to some extent.  A Werewolf let loose in a city can cause a lot of death, and destruction.  When it happens the government, along with corporate owned mainstream media, cover up the horrific incident.

Wherever you live stay indoors during the full Moon if possible.  Hang silver ornaments, and Wolfsbane in doorways, and windows.  Washing said surfaces in holy water will help prevent any overzealous Werewolves from crashing into your home to ravage you, and your family down the road to hell!  If you must go out wear some silver jewelry or wolfsbane.  Bless yourself with holy water if you feel you’re worthy, or go down to the local church.  Always carry a squirt gun with holy water, wolfsbane water, or colloidal silver in it.  If you’re the more aggressive type then you can go for sharp silver implements, and silver bullet loaded firearms.  Although we try to avoid those things since Werewolves are still humans at heart, and they usually have no idea what they’re doing when they become these monsters.  We strive for capture, and containment until they turn back to a human being at sunrise.  Only lock, and load if the Werewolf actually talks to you in a menacing manner rather than just merely growling while acting like a rage filled beast.  Such Werewolves who have human consciousness in Lycanthrope form, and still perform barbaric acts are pure evil.

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