Friday The 13th June Honey Moon Specter & Werewolf Warning

The Full Honey Moon of June is upon us with a rare foreboding Friday The 13th twist!  The Honey Moon of June gets it’s name from it’s honey hued appearance due to the Moon being at it’s lowest on the horizon thereby collecting more scattered sunlight through the atmosphere.  In addition June is the number … Read more

Tetrad Full Blood Moon Total Eclipse Warning

What normally would be the peaceful April Pink Moon of Easter will be a blasphemous Blood Moon Total Eclipse on the early dark morning of April 15th.  It will begin in the Witching Hour, and continue right through the Devil’s Hour in certain parts of the Western Hemisphere! This special Blood Moon is the first … Read more

Blood Moon Eclipse Warning

The blasphemous Blood Moon of the Halloween season is upon us with a penumbral lunar eclipse twist.  The Blood Moon is a general magnifier of malevolent powers among all manner of supernatural beings.  Although the dark denizens draw upon it more.  Expect an increase in chaos, and supernatural savagery during these Blood Moon nights leading … Read more

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