May Moon Werewolf Warning

The larger than life full Moon of May, due to it’s low position on the horizon, will created more ferocious Werewolves hopped up on lunar power.  Stay alert on all nights with at least an 80% Moon from dusk to dawn.  Check out other Werewolf Warnings for the appropriate countermeasures to take if you decide … Read more

Pink Moon And Partial Eclipse Werewolf Warning

The Pink Moon of April is upon us as the Moon reaches 99% of full.  The Pink Moon originally got it’s name from the first flowers of summer which are pink moss, and pink phlox in some areas.  Flowers used in various mystical potions, and spells which may play a role in the Moon actually … Read more

Blue Moon Werewolf Warning

Tonight will bring us the rare Blue Moon which is an extra full Moon in any given month or season.  In some areas the Blue Moon might actually appear blue in color due to atmospheric conditions, forces of supernatural nature, or magical interference.  This rare Moon brings us a general increase in paranormal activity across the board … Read more

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