Friday The 13th June Honey Moon Specter & Werewolf Warning

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Honey MoonThe Full Honey Moon of June is upon us with a rare foreboding Friday The 13th twist!  The Honey Moon of June gets it’s name from it’s honey hued appearance due to the Moon being at it’s lowest on the horizon thereby collecting more scattered sunlight through the atmosphere.  In addition June is the number one month for weddings, and naturally honeymoons as well.  Most likely this is where the term Honeymoon came from.  However due to the Honey Moon falling on the unlucky Friday The 13th we recommend holding off the wedding festivities until July!  Unfortunately this Moon will be tainted, and it’s lunar energies radiating forth throughout the Month will have higher than usual dark energy within it.  Great news for dark witches but not for those in tune with Mother Nature.  Be on high alert for these dark demon worshipers practicing their cold craft!  Despite the Honey Moon being compromised high level practitioners of magic will still celebrate their local Spring Nymphs passing of nature responsibilities to the Summer Nymphs on the Summer Solstice.

Friday The 13th is ripe with bad luck due to the heightened fears of the number 13 in the collective human consciousness which ends up attracting various demonic entities that feed off fear.  This creates heightened ghost, poltergeist, demonic, and other undesirable paranormal activity.  The number 13 has always been a special number to the Devil, and his demonic minions who laugh at us as we cower in fear over it’s mere mention.  We also have the fact that Clurichauns, aka Dark Leprechauns, relish in joining their demonic brothers of various supernatural species in spreading pure dark luck throughout the world.

Friday The 13thIf that wasn’t bad enough the diabolical Friday The 13th Demon Specter, who generally only appears on Friday The 13th, fueled by human fear, and various black magic ceremonies that will take place on that day.  The Satanic specter spreads sinister luck that appears as plumes of wretched sulfuric stinking black smoke with wisps of gray within it.  Usually rising from the floor around your bed at the witching hour on Friday The 13th.  If you’re sleeping then the sound of his shrieking voice will rustle you out of your serene slumber.  He will then paralyze you with his hypnotic crimson eyes set within his black skeleton skull as he slides over the floor, and up on to your bed like a sinister snake.  Often he will enter your dreams if you’re in REM sleep, and once he’s created a terrific terror in your mind he’ll wake you up in a pool of sweat, and screams.  You will find that your normal sleep paralysis won’t subside.

Once paralyzed by him, or your own malfunctioning sleeping mechanism, his suffocating smoke will envelope you in the quintessence of evil.  It will feel like death itself has descended upon you but fear not for he does not have the powers nor the authority of the Angel Of Death.  Only your fear can cause your demise as in a heart attack or some other deep stress response.  After a minute that seems like forever, in which he consumes your fear filled energy, he will finally flow away into the floor while his screeching laugh bellows about maniacally. Thankfully you will never see him again but in his absence you are left with the specter of faulty fortunes that will haunt you for 13 years.  For those of you who fell prey to him we pity you on your dark thirteen year plight down the sanguine stained streets of suffering.

How The Friday The 13th Demon Specter chooses his victims we know not but they seem to fall in the late teens to late 20’s age range.  No other characteristic parameters have been identified other than those who are easily scared.  Although it’s been noted that he will target people on their Honeymoon’s during a Friday The 13 Honey Moon.  Just another reason to at least postpone until the 14th!  The last thing you want is this denizen of darkness making your special night into an threesome of terror!

The standard Honey Moon doesn’t have any unusual effects on Werewolves except when the 100% full Moon is highest in the sky a supernatural hoard of killer bees will follow the wandering Werewolf about actually helping him hunt & kill prey.  They will often circle like vultures waiting for the Werewolf to complete his meal so they can fly in to eat what flesh is left.  Yes these paranormal bees are carnivores folks!  Thankfully they only appear on the night of the 100% Honey Moon and stick with demonic based beings.  They don’t usually attack on their own.  Some of the bees are temporally transmuted honey bees while others have escaped from the Underworld!

Demonic WerewolfNow of course with this being a Friday The 13 Moon we have the additional danger of demonically possessed Werewolves since various portholes of Hell are powered up.  These Werewolves will be quite intelligent in their stalking of human victims.  They will also be far more powerful than the average Werewolf thereby making your escape next to impossible.  In addition standard Werewolf repellents, and countermeasures will be far less effective against these hounds of hell.  We recommend staying indoors or even better seek refuse at your local church!  Werewolves themselves are in danger because once in human form during the day they will still be possessed by the demon in question.  We suggest locking yourself in a sturdy cage not only all night but all day Friday, and even into Saturday as well.  Once possessed it may be difficult to get rid of the demon since it will adhere to your already demonic DNA.  It’s likely the demon will avoid you if you’re already in a cage since it didn’t rise from hell just to be trapped with no way to harass, and harm humans.

The Devil is still walking among us in biological form, and we recommend reading our last Friday The 13th Warning about him.  He will only further fuel those who practice the dark demonic magics.

As you can see what should have been a peaceful month of summer celebrations has turned into a rogues gallery of hellish horrors!  Mystic Investigations, and many other paranormal organizations will be out in full force protecting you from these nefarious nocturnal nasties!  May Gods, and Goddesses everywhere have mercy on our eternal souls!

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