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The Bubonic Black Plague Of Death Personified

The notorious Black Death that ravaged 14th century Europe was a supernatural biological warfare experiment.  A horror perpetrated by none other than the master of death & disease The Plague Doctor!  Paranormal records now indicate that he named the Black … Continue reading

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Thirteen Questions For The Plague Doctors Ghost

Character interviews are usually done during the developmental stage of a book, when the characters are being fleshed out and brought to life, but I don’t always follow the “rules.” I thought it would be fun—and perhaps a little dangerous—to … Continue reading

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The Plague Doctor Fright Prank

Many are not aware of the Plague Doctor, and the risk he poses in spreading disease, and mayhem across our planet. He was born of medieval Plague Doctors who worked to stop the spread of pandemics. However there was a … Continue reading

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