Mystic Investigations Update

Blood Moon WolfA weekly summary of the Mystic Investigations team:

Me, and Elizabeth Weatherly spent some days at a millionaires estate in Colorado Springs investigating a haunting, and the theft of several valuable items.  While there a gruesome murder took place as well.  Since we were staying there our investigation was more complete than the polices.  We eventually captured the filthy fiend responsible for all the hellish havoc.  He was an escaped convict hiding out on the estate, and having some fearsome fun at the same time. So there was no supernatural angle.  Due to being hired by wealthy people every so often we’re able to pay for all the pro-bono work we do.

Drake Alexander, our resident vampire, flew to Switzerland to deal with a trio of low level Illuminati Billionaires who were messing with his various bank accounts, and attempting to steal vast millions from him.  They were basically lackeys for their trillionaire plutocratic masters, and they wanted to score some brownie points.  Drake dealt handily with their supernatural enforcers that included four vampires, a Lycan, and a warlock.  He entered into mortal combat with these formidable adversaries, and was nearly beaten.  Luckily our psychic Julia Hathaway had a vision, and rushed to Switzerland in the nick of time to enter her telekinetic powers into the fray.  In the end it was Drake vs the Warlock.  Drake managed to sneak up on him, and bite into his magical flesh.  The blood yielded granted Drake with the Warlocks comparable powers.  Still the Warlock had the upper hand in knowing how to use his powers to the fullest.  Julia however made the difference, and the dynamic duo was victorious with Drakes finances left intact.  Without either ones knowledge Drakes vampire mother Duanna Sargon had hypnotic words with the trio of billionaires, and they will no longer be bothering Drake.  Their original beef with him was his choosing the side of goodness in the fight against global evil, and tyranny.

Rebecca Abernathy, our resident witch, traveled to some secluded woods in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with her coven to celebrate the Wicca holiday Beltane which is the midway point between the spring equinox, and summer solstice.  A rival coven showed up, and a fight ensued. It ended up turning into a mud wrestling scuffle, and they all laughed with glee as they became friends.

Father Tom, our exorcist, was at a vacation in Vatican City at the invitation of the Pope.  However he was supposed to return a few days before Rebecca left.  Rebecca says she felt like the Father may have been watching her, and the scantily clad coven in the woods but I can’t see him doing that.  Rebecca seems to think the Father has had a thing for her since he saw her in an accidental unclothed state at our home at Remington Manor.

Ashley Abercrombie, our Cryptozoologist, fielded a number of calls concerning various paranormal creatures on the loose including a Chupacabra, gnome, vampire cat, demonically possessed posse of rats, and a talking wolf that turned out to be a human cursed by a wicked witch.  Upon Rebecca’s return from her Beltane celebrations she turned him back into a normal guy.  Rebecca is currently looking for this vindictive witch who was hired by a scorned lover.

Rob Edmunds, our ghost buster, dealt with two minor hauntings along with a poltergeist infestation at any old folks home.  The poltergeist turned out to be a former evil resident who died in the retirement home, and was seeking revenge on the staff, and residents he hated.

Hunter Jackson, our ex-Navy Seal, flew to Denver to perform some pro-bono work.  A friend of his said some creepy punks were terrorizing their neighborhood.  It turned out to be a gang of vampires which he took down with extreme prejudice.  His vampire slaying skills are exemplary.  He generally mows down the living dead with his machine gun loaded with silver bullets.  Then he stakes them with hickory before they recover.

Barbara Gerber, our receptionist, dealt with a wacko who walked into the office claiming to be an alien from Alpha Centari.  However the one planet that is there was terraformed by the evil grey aliens of Gilese 581 who would not allow any other alien to reside there.  He refused to leave, and became combative.  Barbara had no choice but to punch him clean in the face.  The so called extraterrestrial, who looked like a skinny human, lost consciousness.  Before the Sheriff was called Ashley ran a DNA test, and discovered he was just a nut job hoped up on PCP.

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Zack Powers attended Woodland Springs High School as usual, and is currently on the school baseball team so he’s not been here much after school.  However he came in to the office on the weekend to partake of his technical duties including computer, and website maintenance.  Zack indicated last week there were some bullies picking on a fat kid.  Powers made them see the light, and they backed down.  In addition the overweight kid attempted to commit suicide but Zack talked him down from taking a swan dive off the roof of the school.

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My brother Michael Remington, who invented a time machine, is still lost in time.  All magical attempts to find, and retrieve him have failed since he could be in any number of near infinite parallel Universes almost identical to this one.  However we know he’s doing fine since Julia has visions of him every so often.  She last saw him in 1940’s Nazi Germany during WW II.

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