The Demonic Ice Cream Truck Terror

It was a hot sunny July Sunday as I sat by the window in my library at Remington Manor. I was reading up on the latest happenings in the paranormal world courtesy of Paranormal Investigators Monthly Magazine. A warm breeze flowed in on the verge of being hot so I contemplated turning on the central air. Suddenly child-like whimsy entered my heart upon hearing the most quintessential sound of summer in the distance! The merry melodies of the neighborhood ice cream truck making its creamy rounds.  Naturally, there was also the sound of kids screaming for ice cream. I peered out the front door as the music grew louder. Some kids ran past yelling, “Ask Mom for some money! The ice cream man is coming!”

I could see the white truck gleaming in the sun in the distance. It came down the road slowly making its way here. I set my mystical magazine down and walked out to partake of some creamy delights. As I strolled toward the street my girlfriend Rebecca Abernathy came around from the back of the house where she had been working on her glorious garden. She exclaimed, “Hey wait for me, Xavier! I’m dying for some ice cream!” We strolled down the cement sidewalk as children ran past full of joy and anticipation of their sweet selections. Soon the truck was upon us and the music stopped as everyone clamored around the big truck of treats.

I had ordered ice cream from a truck a few times this summer but this particular time the ice cream truck and the man at the helm were completely unfamiliar to me. Someone very sinister-looking but I learned a long time ago not to judge a book by its cover. Especially in the world of the supernatural where looks can be deeply deceiving. So I looked past his creepy appearance which came complete with a somewhat unsettling smile. I set my sights on a Creamsicle while Rebecca was hoping for a Dreamsicle. Luckily the ice cream man, whose name tag said Ernie, had both.

As Rebecca, and I enjoyed our orange creamy goodness I observed Ernie’s interaction with the kids and something just didn’t seem right about him. It was a gut feeling but I had a hunch he harbored ill will toward the children despite his smile. There was just something not right about the look in his dark foreboding eyes and the tone of his seemingly disingenuous voice. The melodiousness of the white freezer on wheels roared up and the truck slowly rolled away down Enchantment Lane.

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I was sound asleep sometime after Midnight in the thick of the Witching Hour as I dreamed of swimming from a beach into the ocean to meet an ice cream boat. LOL! The music of the boat grew louder and I woke up before I made it there. I was still hearing the faint whimsical tunes as I lie awake in the dark shadows of my bedroom. I looked out the window and it was the ice cream truck inching along the roadway without its headlights on. Yet the music was playing at a much lower volume than usual. The cab was dimly lit by an eerie green light. I got out my night vision binoculars and I could see what appeared to be Ernie in the Driver’s seat staring out at houses. He stopped in front of one house that had kids and walked out onto the front lawn.

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He held up what appeared to be an amulet of some type. It emitted a crimson light while he muttered some words I couldn’t completely hear. Suddenly to my shock, a boy leaped out the second-story window and Ernie caught him in his arms. Ernie then ran back to the truck and sped away with the boy. There wasn’t any time to think. I ran to the back of the bedroom to get a running start. I immediately bolted toward the window, breaking through it. Glass shattered around me as I fell two stories to the front lawn rolling the kinetic energy out of the fall! I sprung to my feet and ran down the street after the ice cream truck. Rebecca woke up and screamed out the window, “What the hell is going on? Are you sleep walking Xavier?  The insurance company isn’t going to pay for this again!” I yelled back, “The ice cream man just kidnapped little Billy Samuels! Call the police!”

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Running at top speed I could just barely see the lights of the truck in the distance. Every so often it disappeared around a corner but I could still hear the music which seemed to sound ever more sinister the further it drove. Unfortunately, I had nothing but my silk pajamas on and no cell phone to call anyone with the truck’s location. My legs were about to give out on me when all the sudden I felt a static electrical force behind me. I turned around to find Rebecca, a top-flight witch, levitating in a clear pink bubble of enchanted energy known as her Mystic Sphere. She gleefully exclaimed, “Hop aboard and let’s get this son of a bitch!” I entered the bubble and we floated away above the tree tops, homes, and eventually business buildings as we flew above the industrial park. The vehicle finally pulled into what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse as the Witching Hour was nearing a close.  Why do the criminals and creeps always have an abandoned warehouse?

Rebecca and I landed outside and the Mystic Sphere dispersed. She took out her cell phone and gave the police our location. It was in fact an abandoned ice cream factory. The door had a huge steel padlock on it so Rebecca pulled out a crystal from her Wicca pouch and recited an impromptu spell, “Let this enchanted rock unbind this impeding lock.” The lock came loose and we ran inside the dark warehouse. We could hear the ice cream truck music echoing through the large building but we kept stumbling over junk on the floor so Rebecca took out another crystal and exclaimed, “Fiat lux!” The clear crystal lit the way with white light and we quickly found the truck.

In the room beyond, we found the boy lying upon what appeared to be a Satanic altar amid eerie green lighting. Ernie was holding up the amulet, which had a demonic figure engraved on it amid a pentagram. Its crimson light mixed with the green glow of the room to produce a yellow tint in spots. Crazy kidnapper Ernie was forcefully reciting some ancient language from a scroll. Clearly, this sick bastard was making a demonic sacrifice. Billy appeared to be in some type of trance. Perhaps the ice cream wrapper next to him suggested the creamy treats may be tainted with a chemical or magic substance. Just as Ernie picked up a gold dagger and stomped toward the altar I yelled, “Not so fast you sadistic scum!” He swung around shocked at our presence and threw the dagger at me!

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I caught it and threw it back at him. The sharp implement hit him in the gut but he pulled it out and began laughing maniacally, “It will take more than a little knife to stop me!” Rebecca then bellowed, “How about a little magic moron? Relevandae de Leir super inimicum tuum percutere!” Small bolts of electric energy surged forth from her hands electrifying the filthy fiend causing him to fall to the floor in agony. Ernie then quickly wiped the blood from his wound on the amulet and tossed it on the altar. I immediately swiped Billy off the altar as Rebecca stood over the fallen servant of Satan.

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Suddenly there was a burst of hellishly hot wind along with unholy horrifying screams bellowing forth around us coming from seemingly nowhere. I quickly hid Billy behind some crates. Ernie was cackling as he yelled, “Yes now you bastards will pay for interrupting a tribute to my magnificent master!” A roaring red vortex opened up and a demonic lizard-like creature with horns walked out. His glowing yellow eyes and monstrous growl were enough to scare the hell out of anyone! The green scaly beast with a peculiar crimson tint then uttered, “Who dares disturb my slave?” I immediately exclaimed, “I did reptile boy!” I roundhouse kicked him in the face but it had no effect on him. He picked me up by my neck and tossed me through the ice cream truck windshield into the front seat.

In response, Rebecca yelled, “Relevandae de Fulgora super inimicum tuum percutere!” and shot her mini lightning bolts at the living demon. He briefly lost his balance but then swatted at the bolts causing them to deflect back at Rebecca. She flew into a wall as both Ernie and the demon cackled with sinister glee. The demon then shouted, “You think invoking the name of pathetic little goddess Fulgora would do anything to me? I’m a demon of Hell you fool!” In the distance, police sirens could be heard. Ernie crawled over to the demon and said, “Master we must hurry before the humans get here!” The demon replied, “I’ll take them all out! Nobody will stand in my way of gaining a permanent hold in this plane of reality!” Ernie then countered, “But Master the police have cameras and communications that might lead to exposure of the supernatural. That will cause Angelic forces to intervene!” The demon then screamed, “Dam freaking Angels! Always on my ass! We were doing so good at collecting the innocent souls l needed until you came to this blasted town! I want that boy now! Once his soul is mine, I can exist in the physical world forever and you will be granted the powers you so desire.”

The police had finally entered the factory yelling, “If anyone is in here come out with your hands up!” Ernie picked up Billy from behind the crate and brought him over to the demon who was still standing in front of the open vortex. He placed his hands over the boy and began speaking in an unknown ancient language. Both me and Rebecca had been knocked out cold but I finally woke up and sprung out of the ice cream truck. I pulled a bottle of holy water from my pocket and tossed it in the demon’s face. He screamed in pain as he held his eyes now literally releasing black smoke. Ernie ran away with the boy in a panic but Rebecca punched him in the face and grabbed the child. I then pulled out a mini-Bible and shoved it in the demon’s open mouth. He began choking on it as sinister dark smoke came billowing out with sparks of orange flame. I then kicked him in the chest and he was pushed back into the vortex causing it to close. The police burst in at that moment and nabbed Ernie!

We gave our statements to the police conveniently leaving out the demon and the vortex. Ernie the demon-loving idiot wasn’t so smart, and was quickly admitted to the psych ward! Rebecca and I finally headed home at 3 AM which was ironically the Devil’s Hour. A thunderstorm was brewing but we were inside Remington Manor just as it started to rain. Despite the horror of the night, we slept well knowing Ernie was in a strait jacket and little Billy was safely returned to his home.  We had dealt with all manner of supernatural terrors but this was the first time we were face to face with a real biological-form demon!  Hopefully, we never run across another one ever again! Oddly enough, I woke up at 4:15 AM after a loud thunder boom and could have sworn I heard ice cream truck music amid the falling rain. Nah it couldn’t be?

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The Sounds Of A Nefarious Nocturnal Ice Cream Truck

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