Alarming Alien Abduction Attack – Part II

Continued From Part I

Alien LifeformDrake and company awaited the predicted arrival of the extraterrestrials within the Mystical Forest.  Hunter and Julia posed as a camping couple while Drake and Ashley hid in an electromagnetic tent nearby.  If the aliens detected a vampire and a half zombie nearby, they might be reluctant to perform their patented abductions.  Hunter and Julia increased their chances of being abducted by having the captured alien lying nearby to act as bait.  Ashley had injected the alien with a powerful werewolf sedative to keep him knocked out.  Within an hour eerie blinking lights appeared in the star lit sky sporting a silvery crescent moon.  Golden sparkling lights appeared around the alien as he began to transport to the space ship.  Drake launched from the tent and dove on top of the little blasphemous being and was teleported away with him.  Hunter and Julia were then teleported as well which is what they had hoped would happen.  Ashley was left alone as the lights faded and the ship disappeared over the now slightly visible horizon due to the impending sunrise.  She reported back to Rob at Mystic Investigations command headquarters via her cell phone.  He indicated that the ship was reading differently from the vessel he had been tracking earlier and it had come from somewhere out west rather than from space.  He said it could be a totally different ship especially since it didn’t zip up into space like the first one.  This one flew east out of radar range at a slower speed most likely due to not feeling threatened.  All the sudden Rob yelled,”Ashley it’s coming back!”  The lights blasted down on her specifically as she screamed and ran deep into the forest.  However she was instantly teleported to the ship which once again headed back toward the east and out of radar range.

It indeed was a different ship from the one I was on because at that moment Rebecca was three quarters of the way to the Moon and right outside the hull of my ship bellowing within the air filled Mystic Sphere,”EGO flatus vestri hull ut abyssus!”  From her hands white energy beams blasted through the ship’s hull and she flew inside.  As she entered purple colored lights flashed, and an otherworldly sounding alarm blared forth! She glided down the alien corridors, and screeched,’Where the hell is my boyfriend you bastards!  Xavier!  Xavier where are you?”  Two blue force fields on either side of the Mystic Sphere temporarily trapped Rebecca until she angrily yelled out a quick spell and the shimmering blue light vanished.  This disturbance put an end to the experiments being conducted on Zack and Elizabeth.  They had disabled Zack’s bionics and didn’t get any further than scanning Elizabeth with some device.  The alien scurried from the room like a little rat leaving them alone.  Zack tried to break free of the thin metal straps holding him down but he was literally a quadriplegic again without any use of his arms and legs.  Elizabeth then said,”It’s okay Zack we’ll get out of this some how.”  He was re-living the nightmare of those hellish months in the hospital bed after his car accident that literally left him limbless! Soon his despair gave way to anger.  He refused to return to that time of helplessness and thoughts of suicide!

On the other spaceship, now flying somewhere over Kentucky, Drake hid in the shadows of the dimly lit vessel as a group of aliens entered the transport chamber, and began to converge on their fallen comrade.  On platforms nearby Hunter, Julia, and Ashley lie motionless and unconscious. We gambled that Drake couldn’t be knocked out by the transport device since he was a vampire! He pounced from his hiding place and forced one of the diminutive gray extraterrestrials to the floor, and sunk his teeth into him quickly draining the blood from the tiny alien body.  Drake had plenty of human blood, and samples of the various supernatural beings of Earth.  Yet he’d never tasted extraterrestrial blood which had a unique flavor that made him uncharacteristically desperately crave more. There was an amazing feeling of power rushing through his living dead body.  The shocked aliens moved backward slowly as Drake wiped the violet colored blood from his mouth with a maniacal smile and said,”I’m going to enjoy this! Nobody invades my planet and screws around with my people!”  He then literally growled like a lion as his eyes glowed red with fangs fully extended.  He could feel the alien blood coursing through him as feelings of uncontrolled rage filled violence took command of his mind, body, and soul!  He soon would realize that the blood was also increasing his already amazing vampire powers by at least three fold.  This worked in his favor as he took down a ship full of his little grey prey with a vengeance.

One of them managed to shoot off an energy beam from a clear cylinder weapon but it had no effect on the 5th generation vampire hopped up on their own blood.  In fact he laughed loudly and screamed,”May I have another sir?”  More extraterrestrials kept filing into the room and he destroyed them in a blood lust filled spree of death and destruction.  Soon the door to the room sealed shut and a large beam of green light shot through the ceiling with no effect on Drake.  Well except the effect of aggravating him even further.  He then began pounding on the metal door causing it to warp.  The alarmed aliens were vicious beings themselves but they’d never dealt with the likes of an angry vampire hopped up on their very own blood.  The aliens generally avoided abducting paranormal entities as they were an unknown quantity, and posed a threat to them unlike helpless humans. He eventually broke through the door and went on a killing spree throughout the ship as Hunter, Julia, and Ashley awoke.

Meanwhile on the my alien ship in space, gray ET’s converged on the good witch Rebecca and began shooting energy beams of various iridescent colors at the Mystic Sphere as if testing to see what would destroy it.  However their alien technology was no match for Earthly supernatural wicca powers.  Their weapon beams just bounced off the mystical sphere.  She howled madly,”I bring the flames of hell down upon you unwanted invaders by the power of Pele!”  Flames began to sprout everywhere even though there was nothing to burn and the aliens swarmed about in a panic.  Rebecca was impressed by her show of power, and was surprised that magic worked in space since all the power she knew originated from Mother Earth.  She then magically blasted a hole in a wall and flew through into the Bridge of the ship.  There were chairs, control panels, and a huge view screen with Earth on it.  She proceeded to fry the hell out of the control room before blasting through some more walls.  The ship was effectively disabled and now being pulled toward the Moon by it’s gravity.  Rebecca finally crashed through another wall and found me in my transparent prison pod.  Her anger then turned to relief as she said,”Thank God you’re alive Xavier!”  The Mystic Sphere then floated against the clear confines of my pod phasing through it without even shattering it!  It then left with us inside the supernatural sphere as we magically passed through the pod wall.  I then exclaimed,”Amazing!  I’ve never seen the Mystic Sphere do that before!  How did you have the power to get here and do so much damage?  Usually you get exhausted quickly when you use a lot of magic.”  Rebecca then explained how she had found the elusive energy heart of the Mystical Forest and tapped into it.  I hadn’t been so impressed with her since that time she de-transformed a werewolf.  The single handed take down of a flying saucer made that look like child’s play.  Suddenly terror came over me when I realized the Moon was looming ever larger outside the window.  It was time to get Zack and Elizabeth so we could get back to Earth.  First we freed Tammy and her boyfriend from their prison pods.  They were both in such shock that Rebecca had to put them in a magical wicca trance.

Back in the alien lab Zack and Elizabeth were still struggling to get free when a particularly sinister looking alien entered the room and for the first time spoke.  It was in English but sounded as if it was coming from a speaker near the ceiling.  It must have been a translation device of some type.  The alien then said,”You disgusting humans may have won here but we will take over your planet very soon and eradicate your useless species.  Although I find the seamless mechanical interface within your biology to be quite interesting so you will be coming with me for further study.  Unfortunately I must first kill your inferior female companion.”  The extraterrestrial with malice in his huge insect eyes pointed a clear cylinder weapon at Elizabeth.  At that moment Zack’s anger grew to epic proportions and he overrode whatever disabled his bionics.  He theorizes his mental will guided the nanobots within his body to repair whatever was wrong with him.  The nanobots were apart of his bionics meant to repair damage of both a mechanical and biological nature.  They also grow his mechanical parts to match the growth of his teenage biological body.

He broke from his straps and smiled at the alien who yelled,”This is impossible!  I removed all connection between your mechanical and biological parts!”  Zack then picked the puny alien up in the air by his neck with one hand while snapping his wrist with the other causing the weapon to fall to the floor.  He then angrily responded to the alien,”You disgusting evil punks aren’t worthy to step foot on our planet.  We’re not the ones who will be eradicated  It will be you who dies!”  He then threw the alien across the room into a control panel causing the alien to fry in the electrical aftermath.  His cries of agony sounded like a large annoying fly.  He then freed Elizabeth just as Rebecca, and I blasted through the wall with the Mystic Sphere.  Rebecca then happily shouted,”Hop aboard the Mystic Sphere!  Next stop Earth!”  We all shot through another wall and were in outer space as we looked back and watched the alien ship crash into the moon.  I then said,”Oh damn I hope they didn’t crash into the Apollo 11 landing site and take out the American flag!  Hey wait a minute!  As long as we’re here let’s put to rest the moon landing hoax conspiracy.”  Rebecca then responded,”Are you serious?”  I then said,”This is a once in a lifetime experience and you know how much I love solving conspiracy theories.”  She smiled and said,”Oh what the hell!  Let’s go to the moon baby!”  I then said,”Are you feeling okay?  You’re not getting weak are you?”  She responded happily,”Oh no Xavier I’ve never felt so good in my life!  I feel like I could take over the entire planet and bring peace to Earth!”  We all giggled as we flew to the moon over the alien crash site looking for the site where the first human, Neil Armstrong, had landed on the moon.

Meanwhile on the other alien vessel Julia could sense Drakes alien blood driven rage and had a vision that he single handedly would cause the ship to explode.  She then told Hunter and Ashley that they had to stop him or they’d all die. They made their way down a corridor full of dead aliens and Hunter picked up one of their weapons but couldn’t figure out how to fire it.  He decided he’d just hit any live alien upside the head with it instead.  After rapping a few on their big noggins he chuckled,”Damn Navy Seal training never prepared me for this!”  After heading down a few more corridors three aliens suddenly exited a room with weapons pointed at them.  Julia immediately used her telekinetic powers to toss the weapons from their hands and simultaneous toss them against the wall hard knocking them out.  Julia realized the ship was too big and they wouldn’t find Drake in time.  She attempted to communicate with him telepathically but his mental state was too erratic!  With every alien he killed and drained of blood, his anger and power grew greater.  So great he was bound to self-destruct and take them all down with him.

Julia managed to find the Bridge and two aliens immediately leaped from their chairs but Hunter clunked one over the head with the clear cylinder weapon while Julia attempted to use her mind to control the other.  Although he had a similar telepathic ability and fought back.  While he was distracted Hunter came up behind him and picked him up by the neck.  Hunter then screamed,”Do you have any escape pods!”  The alien refused to respond and then Hunter said,”This ship is about to explode jackass!  Is there a space shuttle or something?”  The alien then responded with a voice coming from somewhere in the ceiling,”Yes over there is an emergency hatch that leads to an escape shuttle.”  He then replied,”You’re flying us out of here fool!”  They all jumped into the hatch and slid into the pod.

At that moment in the space ship’s engine room Drake was taking down a dozen aliens with ease as he snarled like a giant prehistoric dinosaur.  He then became annoyed by the noisy bright blasting rainbow colors and odd alien sounds coming from the matter-anti-matter explosions in the ship’s pure energy propulsion engine.  He then wailed,”Why can’t I hear quiet dammit!”  He then beat the hell out of the engine casing which was made out of a substance even stronger than diamonds.  Yet his fist broke through and entered the pure energy stream created by the matter and anti-matter annihilating each other.  The escape pod flew away toward the pre-dawn light just as the entire ship exploded in what should have been the most spectacularly huge blast ever seen by anyone in the entire history of this planet.  It looked like a hundred suns and lit up the sky over the entire state of Kentucky and was seen by many surrounding States as well.  Although it inexplicably only lasted less than a second and it was so early in the morning that very few people noticed. Local weathermen explained it away as a rare chain reaction lightning event. We later found out that local nature deities bore the true brunt of the blast because it would have blown up the entire Earth!  Many Fairies, Nymphs, Gods & Goddesses ended up in the Paradise Plane, aka Afterlife for metaphysical beings, that very day! The invisible unsung supernatural heroes of Earth!

Luckily the ship was high enough in the atmosphere so there wasn’t any ground damage.  The shock waves sent the pod hurling toward Earth and it crashed in Dale Hollow Lake.  It then proceeded to float to shore where everyone including the alien got out and walked into the wilderness.  The alien attempted to run away but Hunter tackled him and then punched him hard in the face causing him to lose consciousness.  He then said,”These bastards like to cage and study people!  Well Ashley I got a fine specimen for you to cage, and study back at Mystic Investigations!”  Ashley thanked him and couldn’t wait to get home.  However she wasn’t quite sure how they were going to smuggle an extraterrestrial all the way back to Colorado across several State lines!

In dark void of the sky there was nothing left of the ET vessel.  Only the crescent moon and stars filled the sky…..except for a bloodied unrecognizable mangled biological mass plummeting thousands of feet toward the ground.  It hit a rocky hillside before tumbling into Dale Hallow Lake.  It was the amazingly indestructible Vampire Drake Alexander!  The most destructive blast known to this Earth apparently wasn’t tough enough to take him down.  This could be explained by his amazing increase in power due to the ET blood along with the pure energy blast not producing any flames.  Since flames are needed to engulf and annihilate a vampire.  Drake sunk to the bottom of the lake and was nothing more than a blob without limbs or even a head.  Yet somehow within the lakes soothing waters Drakes supernatural vampire virus embedded within his DNA began to work it’s magic rapidly rebuilding his unique living dead cellular structure.  His limbs grew back along with his head and brain.  Technically it’s impossible that a vampire could survive when beheaded but somehow Drake was totally rebuilt.  Within an hour he emerged from the lake unclothed and in perfect physical form complete with mental clarity.  Although he had absolutely no memory of who or what he was.  We all had presumed he was dead before I wrote this.

Drake made his way through the woods and eventually on to a Kentucky roadway.  The lights of a semi-truck startled him due to it still being relatively dark within the heavily wooded area.  The sky was lit from the rising sun but it wasn’t yet visible over the horizon from where Drake was.  The huge truck stopped next to him, and the passenger door opened.  A hefty middle aged woman said,”Damn honey you’re Marge’s perfect kind of man! Naked, and ready for action! Hop on in and I’ll give you a ride!”   Drake reluctantly got in as the first rays of the sunrise reflected in the side view mirror and bathed his face without any effect.  The normal reaction for a vampire should have been screams of terror as his face lit ablaze!  However he probably should have been more concerned by Large Marge’s despicable advances. LOL!

Mystic Investigations Lands On The Moon!

By then Rebecca, Zack, Elizabeth, and me were landing on the Moon at the Sea of Tranquility.  Rebecca then said,”multiplicamini et mystica encapsulate amici”  The Mystic Sphere dissipated and boy talk about being scared.  Luckily I wasn’t exposed to space but rather Rebecca had magically turned the sphere into shields for all of us so we could walk on the moon.  Tammy and her boyfriend lie in a soothing trance on the dusty moon surface unaware of the amazement of the situation.  I then exclaimed,”That’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for Mystic Investigations.”  We all laughed and somehow we could all magically hear each other on the airless sun lit moon surface.  We were careful to walk past the astronaut footprints, and marveled at the American flag planted in the lunar soil.  I then said,”Well I guess this conspiracy has been debunked.  The US government really did go to the moon in 1969.  Still it’s odd how we never came back after the last lunar missions in the 70’s and haven’t progressed our space program much since.”  Zack then replied,”Maybe the aliens have something to do with keeping us from exploring the solar system, and beyond?”   We were about to leave when we spotted little almost unnoticeable alien footprints amid the astronaut boot prints.  It left us wondering why they would have left everything undisturbed.  Rebecca then bellowed,”Mystic Sphere Reform!” as we stood together.  The pink clear bubble reshaped with us inside and we zipped back to the blue pearl of the Solar System. Our home Earth!

Within three hours we re-entered Earth’s atmosphere and eventually landed on the roof of Mystic Investigations headquarters with Tammy and her beau in tow.  Rebecca still amazingly full of energy sprinted ahead of us to the entrance and down the steps.  We put the alien abducted couple on a couch to sleep off their mystical trance induced by Rebecca.  We then entered the tactical command center to tell Rob Edmunds about what had happened to us.  That’s when we got a call from Kentucky and we learned of Drake’s apparent death.  There was silence for a while and some of us were on the verge of tears.  I was going to get a repair crew out to retrieve and repair the Mysticopter so we could fly out to Kentucky to pick up Hunter and the rest of the gang, but Rebecca said she’d go get them.  Only she didn’t fly there in the Mystic Sphere.  She instead called forth,”Mystic Vortex!”  A giant wind burst erupted in the room blowing papers everywhere and a swirling pink vortex opened up out of nowhere.  She walked inside and within seconds came back out with the whole gang.   She then waved her hand at it and it disappeared.

Everyone was in utter disbelief at the level of power she displayed.  So much so her enchanted eyes now continuously glowed emerald green! More than likely she was the most powerful magical being on Earth at that moment and maybe in all of human history!  She certainly seemed as if she could take on a dozen of the most powerful sorcerers.  Although it seemed to go to her head as she screamed,”Now I will travel back in time to save Drake.  Then I’ll take down all these alien scums and every form of evil on Earth for that matter!  We can finally rid this Earth of all that is wrong and bring about a peaceful Utopia!  I shall rule supreme as Goddess Of Earth and beyond!  All hail my beauty and power oh mortal subjects!” We all stared at each other in utter disbelief and I then said,”Well the time travel things sounds like a good idea but my brother Michael has almost never been able to change the history of our timeline because time travel usually results in a person being five dimensionally pushed into a near identical parallel Universe.  I suppose there’s a chance that your time travel save was meant to be and therefore no travel to another Universe would occur but it’s not likely.  Rebecca then replied,”I’m the master of time!  Father Time can screw himself! I will myself to change history as I see fit within our reality!  Drake will be saved! Hitler will be terminated  Maybe it’s time I dealt with the Devil as well!”   I then said,”Well I’m a little worried that perhaps the power is affecting you in an odd way because you don’t seem quite like yourself right now.  Perhaps you should sleep for a while, and then travel back in time to save Drake.”  She then replied,”Sleep!  I don’t need to sleep anymore!  Hell I don’t even need to eat!  I’m God of the Universe!”  We all stared at her for a number of seconds not sure what to say to her when all the sudden her amulet turned pitch black and she instantly collapsed.  She had no pulse and wasn’t breathing as her skin turned a pale white.  I attempted CPR as Rob dialed 911 but we couldn’t revive her.  Paramedics arrived and pronounced her dead of a heart attack among other various organ failures.  Her cellular structure was literally ripped apart by the awesome unbridled power the heart of the Mystical Forest!

Luckily Sheriff Maverick was there so he was able to stop her from being taken to the morgue which would expose her as supernatural being! Instead we took her into the Mystical Forest as close to the Mystical Heart as we could or at least where we thought it was.  I hoped somehow since it had given her such great power that then maybe it could resurrect her.  Unfortunately our pleas to the Heart of the forest fell upon deaf ears despite various incantations we got from Rebecca’s Wicca book of spells. We even had her Wiccan coven come in, and they attempted to do everything in their power to revive her. They sullenly declared that even her soul could no longer be felt.

After they left I remembered she was half-mermaid although she never manifested in mermaid form like her mother Marina.  We took her to a large pond in the forest known as the Mystical Micro-Sea due to it’s salty content, unusual waves with no source, and it’s various forms of small sea life.  Since mermaids are immortal that would mean she was at least half immortal and that half could not die.  At least not by a magical overload so I hoped.  I placed her in the ocean like waters hoping her mermaid DNA would heal her as she sunk into the shallow clear waters.  It was a long shot but we had nothing to lose.  She lie in the pond for hours as the sun rose higher in the morning skies and the dark dense forest grew light with life and the calls of the wild.   The sunlight streamed down upon her underwater corpse when all the sudden thousands of fine micro bubbles flowed from her body.  Within seconds her pants suddenly ripped off as her legs melded together and formed into a huge blue fish like form.  Just as quickly it disappeared and her legs were back.  Her eyes then popped open and she shot to the surface screaming,”Yay I’m alive baby!”  We embraced and everyone cheered at the resurrection of Rebecca.  She strode from the salt waters with her shirt hanging down as a makeshift dress to make-up for her lost pants and panties. Her miraculous resurrection was a fitting event being so close to Easter and perhaps it was the magic of Easter that saved her because I swore I saw an unusual bunny looking at us in an almost human manner before hopping away.   When I walked over to the area it had been there was a gold, pink, and silver colored egg sitting on the ground there.  Inside were some chocolates with a note that said,”Happy Easter To One And All.  Thank you for all your hard work in the battle against evil!  Yours Truly, The Easter Bunny!”

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Alarming Alien Abduction Attack – Part I

Alien LifeformAs you may know there have been numerous news reports of UFOs over the past few weeks.  Eerily illuminated Unidentified Flying Objects hovering or darting over various American communities. Woodland Springs, Colorado has been one of those towns. I, Xavier Remington, spotted one a few nights ago while star gazing near the witching hour. The next morning the Woodland Springs Channel 7 News said there were eyewitness accounts of a UFO abducting a twenty something couple who had been camping together in the Enchanted Woodland which we live on the edge of.  Not soon after we got a call at Mystic Investigations from the parents of the girl, Tammy Anderson, who was taken. Since we were the only ones who believed them they hired us to investigate. We’re well aware of the existence of extraterrestrials but we also had to accept that this might all be a hoax and her disappearance was caused by someone or something else. After interviewing the other couple who had been camping with Tammy and her boyfriend, we were pretty sure this was the real alien deal. More than likely the aliens known as “Greys” were responsible. They are an aggressive alien species from the planet Gliese 581c which is 20 light years away. They are related to the more docile green aliens from Gliese 581g which were the ones shot down by the US Government at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Based on past alien abduction patterns we knew they’d return to the same general area looking for victims, preferably couples, to kidnap and experiment upon so we set up an ET sting operation.

Various members of our team set-up campsites within the Enchanted Woodland and in the Mystical Forest as well. The Mystical Forest camp site had Vampire Drake Alexander and telekinetic Psychic Julia Hathaway. Our resident half-mermaid Witch Rebecca Abernathy and I were in the Mystic RV at the Luminary Lake campgrounds which is right near our house in between the Mystical Forest and Enchanted Woodland. Ex-Navy Seal Hunter Jackson and half-zombie Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie were at a site well within the west quadrant of the Enchanted Woodland. They drove there in a truck with the Mysticopter on a trailer being towed behind just in case we wanted to try and pursue an alien craft. Bionic boy wonder Zack Powers was able to come along since it’s spring break and not a school night. He camped with Investigator Elizabeth Weatherly who was in the east quadrant of the Enchanted Woodland. Our receptionist Carrie Benjamin has been on vacation since the Spring Saturnalia incident. For now we have a temp who refuses to get involved with anything paranormal. Ghost Hunter Rob Edmunds was monitoring the skies from our paranormal activity forecast center which provides reports for our other blog. Sometime around 10:45 PM Zack and Elizabeth said they were seeing blinking multicolored lights in the sky slowly approaching. Rob Edmunds reported that the radar was picking up something but the signal was distorted by an unusual level of electromagnetic activity.

With the verification of the radar report, Hunter roared up the Mysticopter and flew to the scene with Ashley. Meanwhile I revved up the Mystic RV and raced to the location with Rebecca. Despite Julia having a vision that a craft would make an appearance in the Mystical Forest that night, Drake ran off at super speed to the camp site. Zack and Elizabeth peered from behind the tent door flaps as the wind picked up causing dust to swirl about wildly. The rainbow array of lights coalesced into a glaring white light shined down directly upon their tent. Elizabeth then exclaimed,”I didn’t survive the sinking of the Titanic just for some UFO to take me away!” Zack then said,”Don’t worry Miss Weatherly I’ll protect you!” The tent was lined with a special metal alloy charged with a battery to make it electromagnetic. The electromagnetism was activated once the UFO was nearby. We wanted the extraterrestrials to detect us yet not be able to transport us up to their ship if indeed it had that capability.

The ET vessel kept hovering overhead ominously.  They probably wondered why they could no longer detect humans in the tent. Suddenly a sparkling golden light danced on the edge of the woods near the tent and when it dissipated two small grey aliens appeared. The kind with skinny bodies, big heads, and large eyes we’re all familiar with through television and movies. They walked slowly toward the tent amid the bright UFO lights that now had some eerie green strobe lights among the glaring white lights. They had a sinister look on their monstrous faces!  Elizabeth then spoke into the radio,”Oh crap! When are you guys getting here!” The aliens got to the tent door and Zack punched his bionic arm out hitting one of the little bastards causing him to fly back to the edge of the woods. Zack then sprung out and kicked the other alien in the gut causing him fly back a number of feet and hit the ground hard. Zack then screamed,”Yeah that’s right you extraterrestrial sons of bitches! Come get some more bionic beat downs!”

Just then the Mysticopter flew in approaching  the extraterrestrial vessel which was basically a streamlined triangle shaped ship. With rounded edges and a rectangular rear with some type of pink illuminated propulsion. Hunter tried to make radio contact but got nothing back but static. He then opened machine gun fire in the hopes of disabling it so we could save the abducted couple. Unfortunately the bullets bounced off the futuristic craft without incident! A bright blue beam shot from the ship and hit the Mysticopter but our special armor, and supernatural shielding held strong.  Still Hunter struggled to stay aloft under the force of this unknown light beam. Especially with the instruments fluctuating wildly! He then fired a military grade rocket that exploded upon the ship’s hull resulting in no noticeable damage. Although this caused the aliens to shoot back an even more powerful glittering crimson beam which resulted in all the helicopter systems going dead as Hunter came in for a crash landing. It landed in the woods without major damage or anyone getting hurt.

Meanwhile one of the fallen aliens sprung up and pointed a clear cylinder at Zack. A yellow energy beam came cascading out, hitting Zack, and knocked him out cold. Elizabeth came out in a rage and shot the alien with a taser causing him to fall to the ground. He shook violently as if having a seizure. Before she could reset the taser electrode lines the other alien came toward her. At that moment she disappeared in a dazzling golden light spectacle. She had been teleported to the craft, and then Zack disappeared as well. As we roared up in the Mystic RV, the alien was startled by our headlights so we attempted to run him down but suddenly the RV went dead. Presumably the UFO knocked it out through a strong electromagnetic burst of some type. We sprung out and I opened machine gun fire on him but he disappeared in the teleportation lights. Rebecca went for the tasered alien who was just regaining consciousness. The light appeared around him but Rebecca yelled,”Oh no you don’t!” She grabbed him and screamed “Mystic Sphere!” Her magical translucent metaphysical energy orb appeared around her and the alien thereby mystically cutting off the sparkling teleportation lights. She motioned me to join her but before I could get to the Mystic Sphere sparkling golden lights whizzed around me and I felt dizzy. Then everything went black. Rebecca then shouted,”You abducted my boyfriend you damn alien asses!”

A blue beam hit the Mystic Sphere and it wavered a bit in an epic battle of magic vs technology. The beam grew more powerful and Rebecca strained to keep her magical shield it in place. She then gripped a green crystal in her hand she had taken from a pouch on her belt and recited an incantation,”Aeolus I call unto thee with the power of the ancient Crystal Of Lore. Soar forth your winds of war. Let them bore down against the unearthly invaders ever more. I implore thee to plummet them to the woodland floor.” A vertical gale force wind crashed down from the sky violently shaking the alien vessel and whipping the trees about as if a tornado was raging. The lights flickered on the craft as it came down slowly. A dull sky blue light flickered around the entire ship as if it was a shield or energy field struggling to keep it in place. It looked like it was going to finally land but then it shot a purple beam upward causing the entire sky to light up for a few seconds. It then bolted away into the dark heavens at an amazing speed and disappeared in a flash. Rebecca then cried, “Nooooooooooooooooo!” The alien next to her reached for a clear cylinder device on his belt but she punched him in the face knocking him out cold while yelling,”Take that creepy alien boy!” Drake ran up just then. Rebecca then bellowed,”You’re too late dammit!”, as the Mystic Sphere collapsed and she passed out from exhaustion.  Drake came to her aid with a look of utter disappointment in himself on his face.

I awoke and found myself lying in a clear bubble illuminated with an odd spotlight from above that seemed to be neither incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, or LED. A perfect sphere that was made of a clear material which felt like glass although when I punched it nothing happened but a pain filled hand. Outside my lit confines was nothing but pitch blackness. Just as I was thinking how annoying it was to stand inside a sphere without a flat bottom I began to float for the first time in my life. I was shocked for a moment by the mere event but then I became even more alarmed once I realized I was probably in outer space. Maybe even light years from Earth. I’d never felt such a horrible feeling in my life!  It was alarming to potentially be so far from everything and everyone I knew. Possibly never seeing Earth again and having to be a lab rat on an alien planet!  Perhaps even caged in an extraterrestrial zoo.  At that moment I’d have given anything to be in a haunted house full of familiar Earthly ghosts, werewolves, and vampires. Several neon green laser like lights formed a grid on me and moved about slowly as if scanning me. As soon as the laser light snapped off an alien suddenly appeared out of the darkness right up against my bubble. It scared the hell out of me as he or maybe she stared at me with it’s large black insect like eyes punching something into an ipad looking device. Then my bubble jail began moving and made it’s way into a dimly lit chamber with other clear spheres which had spotlights above them.

Once I stopped moving I could see other people in floating clear spheres including Zack, Elizabeth, the missing girl Tammy, and presumably her boyfriend in the bubble next to her. I tried to yell toward them but clearly my jail was sound proof. We all stared at each other with fear not knowing what was going to happen to us. I noticed Zack’s sphere had some cracks in it so apparently these things weren’t invincible. Although his bionics weren’t enough to pierce his prison and he looked exhausted from apparently trying to escape. Tammy and her boyfriend were wearing white latex looking suits so they must have had some close contact of some type with the aliens. Suddenly I realized there as a small window on the other side of the room. The bubbles were moving slowly around the room and once I got near the window I was somewhat relieved to see Earth in the distance. I estimate we were closer to the moon than the Earth but at least my fears of heading to another star system were quieted. Despite the fright of the situation, I was kind of excited that I was actually in outer space.  Something I never thought would happen in my lifetime.  A door in the room opened and both Zack and Elizabeth’s sphere’s floated out of the room. Both look terrified and I was scared for what was about to happen to them. I was totally helpless to do anything and prayed someone would save us.

Hunter and Ashley had finally trekked in from their helicopter crash slightly bruised but none the worse for wear. They found Drake helping an exhausted Rebecca up with an unconscious alien lying nearby. Ashley immediately ran to the alien and began eagerly examining her first extraterrestrial cryptid. Hunter trained his machine gun on the alien ready for anything. Drake informed them that I, Zack, and Elizabeth had been abducted by aliens to parts unknown. Drake contacted Rob on the radio back at headquarters. He said he was detecting nothing on the radar and the ship had left Earth. Rebecca was simultaneously contacting Julia who was still camped in the Mystical Forest to find out when the ship might return. Her original vision indicated it would return that night to the Mystical Forest to abduct another couple. Everyone loaded into the Mystic RV and headed to Julia’s camp site. Halfway there Rebecca opens the door and jumps out while yelling “Mystic Sphere!” Drake shouted,”Rebecca where the hell are you going?!” Her pink orb lifted her above the tree line and out of view within seconds. They made it to the campsite and awaited the UFO’s return while hoping Rebecca wasn’t going to do anything without thinking it through.  Once Rebecca is angered she partakes of aggressive action to take down her adversaries with extreme prejudice!

Rebecca’s Mystic Sphere landed in a grove of majestic pines within the enchanted heart of the Mystical Forest. She then took out a knife and cut the palm of her hand causing blood to fall out on to the ground. She waved her hand sprinkling blood about and screams,”Hey if there’s any vampires around I got fresh blood for you!” Nothing happened after several minutes and then she yelled,”For the love of God bleeding girl with sweet magical mermaid blood here! Hello!” After some more minutes a woman exits the tree line into the clearing as her amber eyes glowed with lust toward Rebecca. Her fangs were clearly visible and it was obvious she was a vampire. The vampiress then softly speaks,”Ah yes my child you will be quite a delicious….” The vampire was stopped mid sentence as Rebecca exclaimed,”I don’t have time for this crap!” She throws an enchanted wooden stake while simultaneously hollering,”Volo Talea!” which caused the stake to fly at the vampire with an amazing speed so fast it wasn’t able to dodge it. It hit her dead in the heart and she fell to the ground. Rebecca immediately placed some white crystals around the vampire’s body and began reciting an incantation. She knew she had to hurry before the vampire burst into unholy flames and turned to ash. Normally this would have happened instantly but the enchanted state was meant to delay that. “Mystical Forest I implore you to reveal your heart to me. With this succubus sacrifice I give unto thee I wish to see the source of your power if judged worthy. Feel the blood of the beast seep into your sainted soils and run through your righteous roots. Let your answer come forth now and I shall owe you a favor in the future.” Just then a clap of thunder bellowed and bolt of lightening flashed about the sky as a wind whipped up. A bright golden light trickled from the trees and Rebecca walked toward it.

She made her way through the trees basking in the warm magical light. Soon she had made her way to the elusive and once thought impossible to find Heart Of The Mystical Forest. The magical energy source that was thought to power the entire forest and all it’s unusual paranormal activity. The golden sun like orb with rays of slow moving light flowing from it floated above a large round stone with ancient Native American writing on it. Around the orb were seven upright stone tablets about 7 feet tall. It sort of reminded Rebecca of a mini Stonehenge. Rebecca then placed a clear amulet around her neck and walked past the stones and on to the round stone engulfing herself within the magical energy. It felt good at first but then she experienced excruciating pain that caused her to scream loudly. It was her body pulsing with amazing metaphysical power that wasn’t meant for a human or even a witch with mermaid blood. She could not exit until she saw her amulet was red. This meant she had all the power she could absorb and the amulet would magically keep it within her biological confines rather than dissipate back into the forest. Near the end she sensed a conscious presence that felt neither good nor evil.  Finally the magic amulet turned red and she bolted out while excitedly exclaiming,”Thank you Mystical Heart!” She then roared,”MYSTIC SPHERE!” causing her to fly high up into the sky higher than she’d ever flew before.! Within seconds she was looking back at Earth as she headed into space for the first time in her life.  A simultaneously exhilarating, and frightening experience to say the least!

Continued In Part II