The Fate Of Drake Alexander

Neither I nor Drake has had a chance to update what happened after the Alarming Alien Abduction Attack – Part II.  We just wanted to let you know that we obviously found Drake.  Thanks in part to his vampire mother, Enheduanna, who has been helping him regain his memory of the past seven centuries he’s … Read more

Alarming Alien Abduction Attack – Part II

Continued From Part I Drake and company awaited the predicted arrival of the extraterrestrials within the Mystical Forest.  Hunter and Julia posed as a camping couple while Drake and Ashley hid in an electromagnetic tent nearby.  If the aliens detected a vampire and a half-zombie they might be reluctant to perform their patented abductions.  Hunter and … Read more

Alarming Alien Abduction Attack – Part I

As you may know, there have been numerous news reports of UFOs over the past few weeks.  Eerily illuminated Unidentified Flying Objects hovering or darting over various American communities. Our community, Woodland Springs, Colorado has been one of those towns. I, Xavier Remington, spotted one a few nights ago while star gazing near the witching hour. … Read more

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