A Most Enchanted Easter Fool’s Day

On April 1st, 2018 we were cautious while enjoying Easter Sunday festivities as it was also April Fool’s Day. Especially after we had issued an April Fools Easter Alert the day before! On April 1st we generally garner the honor of a visit from The April Fool himself. He’s a prolific paranormal prankster who enjoys … Read more

Does Mystic Investigations Have An Auto-Destruct Sequence?

After hearing about our totally awesome high-tech office fortress many have asked if our headquarters has an Auto-Destruct Sequence like star ships in the Star Trek Franchise as seen in the video above.  The Star Trek Next Generation one at 3:05 in the video is the one most similar to ours. The Auto-Destruct is used … Read more

April Fool Attack

As you can see from the previous post we were paid a visit by The April Fool who hacked our site and magically locked us out for the day.  See his follies here: http://mysticinvestigations.com/april-fool-attack.htm.  More later on the pranks The April Fool pulled on us including a personal face to face visit with the notorious … Read more

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