Summer Eden: The Bionic Beauty

Bionic Summer EdenMystic Investigations bionic boy wonder Zack Powers had been bummed near the end of his Summer vacation because his girlfriend Brittany Contessa moved to Denver, Colorado due to her Mother’s new job.  Although it was possible it might be temporary, and she could return in less than a year. The first day of school after Labor Day at Woodland Springs High was a bit less exciting this year without her presence but he still had his friends.  Things finally looked up for him a few weeks ago in gym class where he spotted an alluring girl he’d never seen before. He was mesmerized by her beguiling beauty, or maybe it was the midriff revealing tank top, and short shorts she was wearing on that warm autumn afternoon.  She was a slender girl with just the right amount of curves. She had long blond hair, and unique green eyes that almost seemed to glimmer in the sunlight. Zack asked a few people who she was, and a guy said her name was Summer Eden.  Summer had just moved here days ago from Maryland.

It was quite a breezy Fall day causing iridescent leaves to flutter from the trees nearby as the class stood around the track field listening to the pot bellied gym teacher.  Zack realized that Summer was staring at him every time he looked away from staring at her. Finally their eyes met, and her warm smile melted his heart.  At that moment some little kids from the nearby elementary school came running across a nearby tall grassy field screaming in terror. The gym teacher turned around, and said,”What the hell!  A midget wearing a pointy red hat is chasing those kids!”  That little man was in fact a child eating Gnome!  Everyone started to run toward them while the little Gnome could be heard cackling maniacally.  Zack, and Summer bolted ahead of the class like super track stars.  Zack was known to be a fast runner so it didn’t look out of the ordinary to flex his bionic legs in a moderate manner.  Zack was a bit taken back when Summer raced even ahead of him.  He pushed a bit more to keep up with her as she turned to smile at him.  The kids, and Gnome disappeared into he woods.  At that point a kid could be heard desperately pleading “Help me!”  Once inside the tree line out of the view of the rest of the class Summer flashed down the trail at phenomenal speed, and Zack followed suit pushing his cybernetic power to the limit.  Summer got to the kids first as they were barely holding off the Gnome with fallen tree branches lying around the ground. The diabolical Gnomes razor sharp teeth snapped amid his menacing snickering, and guttural non-nonsensical gibberish. Gnomes eat kids because it unfortunately keeps their immortal lives going.

Zack got there in time to witness Summer pick-up the Crazed Gnomelittle bastard, and toss him over the treeline out of sight. He made an odd sound as he was launched in the air.  It sounded like,”Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  If that Gnome had been even a baseball then that throw would have left the field, crossed the street, and then some!  So tossing a 30 pound Gnome that far was nothing short of supernatural! The rest of the class arrived at that point with the out of shape gym teacher huffing, and puffing behind everyone else.  He pulled out a Snickers bar from his pocket, and leaned against a tree while muttering,”I’m getting too old for this crap!”  Summer looked at Zack, and put her finger to her lips while seductively smiling to indicate silence was warranted. Zack told the gym teacher that the “midget” had gotten away, and he appeared to be drunk as a skunk.  The teacher added,”Damn midget was probably hopped up on PCP as well!” The teacher then took the crying kids back to their school as everyone headed back to the track.  Summer, and Zack lagged behind to talk privately.  Zack took her hand, and said,”What are you?”  She then replied,”I was about to ask the same thing?  I don’t know anyone who has ever been able to keep up with me?”  Zack looked into her green eyes using his microscopic bionic vision while she instinctively did the same thing looking into his. She witnessed a multitude of tiny cellular repairing nanobots roaming about Zack’s right eye along with the general electronic nature of it.  Zack could clearly see both of Summer’s eyes were highly advanced pieces of optical enchantments. They both simultaneously exclaimed,”You’re bionic!”, and giggled.  Summer was surprised, and said,”I thought I was the only one! And my God you actually have nanobots!?!”  Zack replied,”Yeah they repair my bionics, and cellular tissue.  I can’t believe I’m finally meeting another cyborg!  Where did you get your bionics from?”  She responded,”It’s a long story. Maybe we can talk at lunch?”  Zack smiled, and said,”Sure thing Summer.”  There was a natural attraction between them that grew for the rest of the class.  They joked at the end of gym about having to dumb down their abilities to hide their true identities from the world.

At lunch they sat under a tree outside amid fallen amber leaves on the grass. Summer told her story.  Her Father worked for a US oil company in the Middle East, and she was the victim of a suicide bombing.  All her limbs, and various body parts were torn to shreds.  She was virtually nothing but a brain hooked up to a computer when some men from a private clandestine organization asked if they could experiment on her.  Summer’s father knew she would die soon, and there was nothing to loose.  A month later she woke up in bed with all her limbs fully intact as if nothing had happened.  She was a Cyborg with superhuman strength, speed, agility, and enhanced senses.  All she had to do in return was go on a secret mission every so often where a teen was required, or would never be suspected by the mission targets.  Her missions seemed to be ones a top secret government agent would partake of but she swore the organization with no name didn’t ally with any particular government.  Naturally Zack was worried about the US governments Paranormal Defense Agency finding out about him because they had a nasty habit of kidnapping supernatural beings to exploit their paranormal powers.  Summer assured Zack his secret was safe just as she expected him to keep her bionic secret.  She also revealed she had complete knowledge of the real supernatural world.  That’s why the Gnome wasn’t a surprise for her.

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Zack had fully intended to not even tell us, the good folks down at Mystic Investigations, Swamy-Monsterabout Summer until we inadvertently discovered her cyborg abilities.  Days ago we all cut out of work early to attend the Autumn Harvest Halloween Festival since Mystic Investigations had specifically sponsored that days festivities.  At this point we knew Summer as Zack’s new girlfriend.  They were on a bumper boat together in the large Pandora Pond amid other bumper boaters, ducks, and geese.  Suddenly a monstrous looking green reptile humanoid entity covered in slimy weeds popped out of the water roaring wildly.  It was a nine foot tall heavy set swamp monster who must have swam into the pond from a small connecting stream.  The stream connected to a river that eventually leads to a swamp on the edge of the Mystical Forest.  Kids, and adults alike began screaming with some of them panicking to the point of falling out of their bumper boats.  The swamp monster neared a mother, and four year old child holding each other in terror within the murky waters.

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Summer & Zack dove into the pond to stop this horrendous beast.  They tackled the monster but he shook them off.  They jumped on him again forcing him under the surface where they let loose a barrage of super fast, and brutal bionic punches.  Although not as potent due to the water slowing things down they still hurt the angry green monster. When I heard the screaming I was jealously watching my girlfriend Rebecca Abernathy manning the Kissing Booth.  As a supernatural Demi-Mermaid she could kiss anyone without worry of catching any disease.  Clearly the booth was making a killing since guys were willing to pay thrice the normal rate to kiss her.  We both bolted toward the pond at the first sound of trouble!  When we arrived Zack, and Summer were being launched several feet out of the water. Both hit the ground violently yet instantly jumped to their feet.  The swamp monster emerged from the water heading toward them growling madly.  Rebecca tackled the beast, and began punching him in the face.  She got thrown off into the pond, and I gave him a taste of my taser with very little results. Upon closer inspection of the monster I saw his eyes glowing, and he had vampire like fangs as well.  This indicated some silly vampire had nearly drained the monster of blood, and then introduced his vampire blood into the behemoth.  This was a rare vampire swamp monster who was unfortunately not hurt by the sunlight!

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I immediately took out my flask of holy water to splash it but the searing sounds, and steams like that of water hitting a red hot pan were very minimal.  It only angered him more as the cyborg duo lay into the monster again.  Rebecca joined the fray as well.  It was rather obvious Summer was some manner of supernatural. I then yelled,”He’s a vampire!  Zack let him drink your blood!”  I knew from past experience that Zack’s nanobot laced blood was vile to vampires, and perhaps it would weaken the monster.  Zack allowed the creature to bite into him, and the monster screamed out in agony. The paranormal trio held the beast as he struggled to re-entered the water.  Our Cryptozoologist Dr. Ashley Abercrombie came running up with a large tranquilizer rifle, and said,”Fire in the hole!”  Rebecca had been in front of him, and she moved to the side as Ashley launched a large tranq dart at the vampire swamp monster.  It didn’t work so she shot two more into him before he finally hit the ground.  Hunter Jackson & Rob Edmunds pulled up in the Mystic Van, and we loaded the 800 pound monster in back. I reassured the crowd it was apart of a live action show, and everyone’s fear turned to reluctant glee before clapping erupted amid cheers.

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Back at Mystic Investigations headquarters, with the monster safely caged in the Cryptid Lab, Summer told us her amazing bionic story.  Some of us were suspicious of Summer.  Especially since she worked for some unknown organization that partook of black ops missions.  There’s also the astronomical coincidence she happens to end up crossing paths with another bionic teen!  Julia Hathaway, our resident Psychic, attempted to read Summers mind but something is blocking her.  This is also very worrying. Summer also refused to let Dr. Abercrombie examine her bionics.  She said she had signed a contract with the clandestine organization that stated she couldn’t share her bionic technology with anyone. We investigated her back story as far as we could, and it seems to check out to an extent. There are however some minor inconsistencies. We talked to Summer’s father, and he was more than annoyed by the fact we knew about his daughter.  He said it was in our best interests to keep quiet about her because the people both he, and Summer now work for are very powerful! We told Zack something isn’t right here but he refuses to listen to reason.  All we can do is be pleasant, and hope this really is just a wonderful coincidence for him.  In the meantime Summer has volunteered to work for us, and help out Zack on any supernatural cases he’s apart of.  We agreed since it allows us to keep a better eye on her!

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