Summer Eden: The Bionic Beauty

Mystic Investigations bionic boy wonder Zack Powers had been bummed near the end of his Summer vacation because his girlfriend Brittany Contessa moved to Denver, Colorado due to her Mother’s new job.  Although it was possible it might be temporary, and she could return in less than a year. The first day of school after … Read more

Harrowing Home Invasion Havoc

Spring was in the air as the full March Storm Moon reflected its silvery light off the last remains of the rapidly melting snow. The grass was still a depressingly drab green devoid of the rich emerald color that would soon take shape. A lone Werewolf ran out of the woods and crossed a yard … Read more

The Birth Of A Werezombie

There is no report in any paranormal record of a creature known as a Werezombie. At least in the proper context. A Werezombie isn’t a Werewolf-Zombie Hybrid, aka a Zombiewolf but rather a human who transforms into a zombie either by some environmental stimulus or at will. Unfortunately, by accident, we damned someone in to … Read more

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