Black Friday Warning

Black FridayBesides the shopping frenzy that can incite fights, and possibly get you trampled by a crazy mob hell bent on saving big money for cheap crap there are also supernatural dangers to Black Friday.  A large concentration of humans in a state of chaos is the perfect place for practitioners of magic to perform various mystical experiments which might include direct experimentation on the crowd, or kidnapping a select few.  Those into the dark demon worshiping magic might kidnap human sacrifices to their demons of choice, or perform their sacrilegious ritual amid the almost zombified crowds of insane shoppers.

Speaking of Zombies they have also been known to wander into crowds, and feed amid the crazed atmosphere totally unnoticed by anyone until it’s too late.  Vampires also flock to stores in the dark early morning hours to enter into a feeding frenzy all their own. Run of the mill serial killers, and those of a paranormal variety, can get in on the action as well.  In addition those with weak minds who enter into a greedy state of single minded material item acquisition coupled with wanting to hurt anyone who stands in their way opens themselves up to demon possession.

One of the few demons who resides in the flesh on Earth, due to posing as a god, is the demon god of greed Mammon who relishes in crowds full of lustful greed for all things material.  In order to maintain his god facade, his power, and avoid Angel detection he must consume horrifically greedy people on a regular basis.  Amid Black Friday shoppers he has a field day harvesting humanity for his diabolical dinners.  Religious artifacts, such as holy water, or crosses, will do little if you are infested with the mental illness of pure greed, and hold ill will in your heart for anyone who stands in the way of you getting the shopping deal you so desire.  Mammon may just take bite of you right in the middle of the crowd, or hypnotize you into coming with him.  Although with some of the insane mobs he could probably drag you away kicking, and screaming within the crowded chaos without anyone noticing your terrifying plight.

We’re not telling you to avoid Black Friday shopping, and stay at home.  Heck we even have an ad for Black Friday below. We’re just saying you need to keep a cool head, and calm heart as you dive into purchasing madness.  Don’t let the spirit of greed take your mind, and heart over otherwise you are at great risk for various supernatural reprisals, and of course human justice if you get too out of control.  Unfortunately this won’t help with the zombies, vampires, and practitioners of magic looking to use people for their own nefarious purposes but there’s always a risk when you enter a sea of humanity at any venue on any given day.  Stay safe, and shop happy this holiday season!

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