What Is The 1 Weird Spice That Cures Diabetes?

CinnamonFor those of you tired of these ridiculous spam emails with the subject line above, or variations including “Destroys Diabetes”, “Reverses Diabetes”, etc then you can skip watching their long video, and eventually paying the scam artists to learn about this magic spice.  The 1 odd spice that cures diabetes is purported to be FREAKING CINNAMON!  To be specific the best type of cinnamon is Ceylon Cinnamon which is known as true cinnamon. Preferably certified organic. Odds are the type of cinnamon you’d buy in the grocery store is cassia rather than ceylon so you’ll have to buy it online, at a specialty spice shop, or health food store. Only Ceylon has the wide array of health benefits you will find in cinnamon along with not having large amounts of toxic coumarin.  So the secret is out on cinnamon!  Too bad we just gave it away for free!  We’re sick of getting these emails, and seeing the ridiculous ads luring people to pay money just to learn about the healthful benefits of cinnamon.  It’s common knowledge for anyone who knows about naturopathic health.  However we don’t know that cinnamon will actually cure or reverse diabetes.

Certainly anyone who doesn’t want to get on the wrong side of the FDA cannot claim anything but allopathic medicine, and prescription Ceylon Cinnamondrugs cure all the ills of humankind.  Although cinnamon may prevent the onset of diabetes by neutralizing the negative effects of sugar in your body.  Usually a teaspoon a day is recommended as a preventative measure against diabetes.  So feel free to enjoy as much cinnamon toast as you please without the worry of getting the dreaded Wilford Brimley disease, and being forced to order all your blood testing supplies from the good folks down at Liberty Medical.  To re-cap the spammers, and greedy marketers want you to pay money just to find out about the not so weird spice we call CINNAMON.  If by some fluke you see an ad on our website with said line just ignore it since random advertising does appear on here.  Let us know if there’s some other health secrets you want revealed so you don’t have to fork over hard cash for it.  Thank you!

This Halloween season eat some cinnamon in between your sugar driven feeding frenzy! Happy Halloween!

The Connection Between Chromium-Vanadium Mineral Deficiencies & Diabetes

Basically our cells absorb sugar for energy in a correct manner when Chromium, and Vanadium are present. When not present sugar damages the cells. So supplementation with these two nutrient along with the Cinnamon could be a great preventative if you really love entering into daily sugar laced feeding frenzies! Possibly if you currently have the dreaded Sugar Disease you might be able to reverse it. See a competent Naturopathic Doctor for professional advice on this matter!

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