Previous Paranormal Forecast: Harvest Moon Werewolf Warning!

Harvest Werewolf MoonThe Harvest Moon of September is sometimes called the Pumpkin Moon due to the almost orange hue it may have. This large low lying Moon is Mother Nature’s gift to farmers as they go about the titanic task of harvesting their final crops of the Summer season.  The extra bright Moon allow for nocturnal agricultural activities during the several nights of it’s apparent fullness to the human eye.  Unfortunately large Moons give us increased metaphysical lunar energies which supercharge the already existing danger of Werewolves.  Most of these loathsome Lycanthropic individuals transform in response to these enchanted energies that exist whether the Full Moon is completely visible or totally shrouded by clouds.  This monstrous manifestation can occur at as little as 80% of Full, and up. Over time a Werewolf in human form can develop a resistance to the mystical Moon, and even someday transform, and de-transform at will.  If the Moon even looks somewhat full always be on alert for these nefarious nocturnals! Read The Rest Of This Important Werewolf Warning On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast Blog…

How To Repel A Werewolf

What Can Be Done To Protect Yourself From Werewolf Attack During The Full Moon?

Leaping WerewolfAs a common human without paranormal powers, and abilities you may find full Moon nights to be a terrifying prospect.  At least those of you who know the true scope of the supernatural world, and the Werewolf menace!  Sometimes ignorance is bliss but other times it can be downright dangerous! So what can be done to defend yourself against a Lycanthrope?  Thankfully Mother Nature has provided various objects to repel, and even eradicate dark supernatural beings that hide among the shadows of the Moon.  The things we mention here are meant for self-defense purposes only.  We only recommended Werewolf extermination as a last resort if there is no other choice available to save your life, or those of innocent humans in your vicinity.  As always we must remember that Werewolves are humans….at least during the day.  The following Werewolf deterrent measures can be utilized on your person, or set up around your home, or business:

Werewolf Repellants

  • The most commonly used Lycanthrope defense tools are religious artifacts due to the demonic DNA Werewolves possess.  Thanks to the largest population of humans believing in Christianity, specifically the Catholic religion, their artifacts work the best.  However any religion you truly believe in will work to some extent. Especially if you are calling upon a higher dimensional God or Goddess to protect you.  When it comes to religions it’s not necessarily the power of your God but rather the number of people believing in said God to create a collective human consciousness power base.  These artifacts include holy water, holy fire, holy oil, or just about anything blessed by a Priest.  In fact everything listed below can be blessed for added Werewolf repellant power. Water, and fire usually have the most power but since we don’t want to finish off the Wolf we would stay with the holy water.  Something that can easily be transported on your person, and loaded into Super Soakers for quick usage.  You may also find holy crosses, crucifixes, and other religious symbology, best worn as jewelry, will aid in your quest to avoid Werewolves.  Holy books such as the Bible can be of use along with reading religious quotes out loud even though the wolf doesn’t understand them.
  • Prayer to your God or Goddess of choice has been shown to save lives at the hands of hungry Werewolves out for human flesh.  From simple nature deities all the way up to Universal Gods. If you don’t have a personal in with a particular God, or some deep religious belief, then your best shot are actually local nature Goddesses such as Nymphs.  There are Nymphs for every aspect of the local geography, fauna, foliage, and weather as well.  So be specific in who you’re calling for help.  Keep in mind that smaller things are tended by Fairies who may be of some help but odds are slim unless there’s a whole group of them.
  • The next best repellent is pure Silver in any form. Most conveniently worn as a necklace or some other jewelry.  It becomes even more potent when it’s also a religious artifact.  Silver plated materials are less effective than a complete silver object.  Naturally there is the infamous silver bullet that can easily finish off a Lycanthrope.  However we strongly suggest remembering that these are people by day, and they have families who love them!  Your goal is to evade, and escape rather than eradicate.
  • The herb Wolfsbane, aka Monkshood, or Aconitum, is the most repellant plant found in nature when it comes to the nocturnal Werewolf menace.  This flowering plant can be grown in areas to keep supernatural wolves away along with being distilled into an oil, and added to super soakers. Mixing Wolfsbane with holy oil will give it even more deterrent power.  In addition you can crush the Aconitum, and let it brew in holy water to create a potent repellant.
  • The Werewolf Whistle is a tool used by professional Cryptozoologists, and Werewolf Hunters to both repel, and lure Werewolves with a special supernatural ultrasonic sound.
  • Good luck can help as well. Especially if it’s close to Saint Patrick’s Day.  Always carry your Lucky Charms with you, and if it’s your birth month then wear your Birthstone for added luck.

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What Happens To A Werewolf On The Moon?

How Would A Werewolf Be Affected By Existing In Outer Space Or On Another Planet?
Werewolf AstronautWould becoming an astronaut pose any issues for a person suffering from Lycanthropy?  The obvious transformation before rocket lift off during a Full Moon would definitely hamper the career of a Werewolf astronaut.  Even if they managed to avoid Full Moon missions, or in most cases a Moon 80% or more of Full, once in space they would still be exposed to more lunar energy than usual.  In space the Moon is always full but it’s not the sight of that nor the lunar light alone that triggers a Werewolf’s transmutation into a rabid mad dog of hell! The unholy lunar light is merely the conduit for metaphysical energies that affect a Lycanthrope. Although these enchanted energies still reach Earth in smaller quantities without the light even during a New Moon.

Missions orbiting the Earth, or on a space station might still be protected by Goddess Gaia’s Mother Earth’s life force, which alters lunar energies, but the closer they got to the Moon the more likely a transformation would be triggered.  If they ever landed on the Moon they would become permanent Werewolves.  Whether on the dark or light side of the Moon.  Most likely staying that way even if they returned to Earth due to the massive influx of magical lunar power. Although on a positive note they could exist in the holy sun while on the Moon due to the simultaneous unholy Moon reflection neutralizing it.  They would also be extremely powerful, and most likely retain human consciousness in Werewolf form.  Powerful enough to breath in space, and withstand the harsh conditions without a space suit.  Some psychics, seers, and mystics have suggested that a Werewolf might be able to become fully human again if they could go deep under the lunar surface to the center of the Moon. Unfortunately this is quite impossible since it’s a solid iron core.

If a human cursed by the Lycanthrope virus traveled to Mars they would escape the hold of Earth’s Moon but could possibly suffer some manner of transformation under the Martian Moons of Phobos and Deimos.  There’s also the unknown factor of existing on a planet with the life force of Mars the God of war.  Of course the further away from the sun the less reflected unholy light which means a weaker Werewolf.  Since no Werewolf has been to Mars we can’t know for sure.  Nothing in the original Demonic witchcraft ritual that created Werewolves ever specifically stated Earth’s Moon was the only source of Lycanthrope transformation, and power.  It simply was the only Moon available to them.  It’s assumed that most Moons in our Solar System, and beyond would have been claimed by some manner of non-Heavenly higher dimensional deity thereby making the light energy unholy.  It’s even possible in some places the Moon has been claimed by demons who could have dominion over so called “Hell Planets”.  So a Werewolf could theoretically transform on any planet with a Moon in the Universe.  Each planet,and it’s spirit, would also create it’s own unique interactions with the mystical forces of the exomoon.  There’s a chance the curse could be cured or neutralized on another planet, or greatly worsened to create a permanent super Werewolf.  Especially if faced with multiple Full Moons that could potentially create a gargantuan hulked out Werewolf.  In the distant future Werewolves might escape their curse by living on Moonless worlds, or partaking of long term interstellar missions.