The Thunderous Lunar Lightning Werewolf Warning

Lightning WerewolfThe Moon of July is charged with aggressive metaphysical energies that channel mystically through lunar light.  When this enchanted energy comes into contact with thunderstorms the lightning becomes supernaturally charged, and can affect paranormal life such as Werewolves.  That is why the supernatural community calls the July Full Moon the Lightning Moon.  This Moon only has an extra effect on Werewolves who get struck by lightning.  This can be quite common during a thunderstorm as lightning is attracted to the paranormal energy of the Werewolf.

Such Lycanthropes will become charged with electricity causing their fur to stand up straight making them appear twice as large.  So not only do you have the monstrous mayhem of the Werewolves sharp jaws, and claws but also the electrical bolts that can electrocute you with unholy violet colored light from several feet away.  Any human bitten by a charged Lightning Werewolf will not only become a wolf but also have the gift of Electrokinetic powers even in their human form.  Read Our Past July Werewolf Warnings For More Information:

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