Manhattanhenge Solstice Ghost And Poltergeist Watch

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Manhattanhenge, otherwise known as the Manhattan Solstice, is the biannual alignment of the sun with the main streets of the famous New York city borough.  As sunset approaches on Wednesday July 12 at 8:20 PM (EST) the full glory of the holy sun will glitter down the wall of skyscrapers illuminating all in it’s path.  On Thursday July 13 at 8:21 PM (EST) a half sun will be seen dipping below the horizon exuding a gloriously iridescent light show for New Yorkers. The best locations to view Manhattanhenge will be on 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, and 57th streets.  This type of solar sunset alignment within hours of the Witching Hour of Midnight promises to bring with it even more increased supernatural activity of a spiritual nature.  Expect ghosts, vengeful spirits, and even poltergeists during this dangerous time!

This increased paranormal activity is due to the astral attraction that large man made monoliths flowing with human activity represent.  This metaphysical magnetism is magnified by the solar x-rays being focused within a corridor of these monuments coupled with the history of the city itself. A past littered with countless tragic deaths that include murders. Something not uncommon to areas with dense populations that often host a number of other worldly entities. Unfortunately lone rural haunted houses aren’t the only place to find ghosts. You city slickers have more non-corporeal entities walking among you than you could ever hope to imagine!

The aura of death awakens lingering spirits who have yet to cross over to the afterlife along with attracting higher dimensional psychic energies. Enchanted energies that wreak havoc, and lead to even more dangerous spirits, and poltergeists into various buildings.  Be especially alert if you live in an apartment in any of these Manhattan Solstice buildings or work late in an office on these streets as well.  Even walking or driving in the area can be hazardous particularly between Midnight, and 4 AM as the first embers of holy sun save your life, and drive away the nocturnal evils.  12:00 AM – 12:59 AM is the infamous Witching Hour, and 3:00 AM – 3:59 AM is known as the Devil’s Hour.  Those two hours in particular are hot beds of potentially sinister supernatural activity.  However anything within the four hour zone of doom offers a potential for dark forces to invade your life with a vexing vengeance!

We recommend staying with a friend if you live on these streets of unsettled spirits, and avoiding all other places in the general vicinity.  If you must be there then stop at a church to get blessed by a Priest, collect a vile of holy water, and say a prayer to the Omniversal God, or your desired deity of choice for your safety during these two nights.  You may also consult a local ghostbuster, or witch for more information on how to handle unsavory spirits.  Also consider carrying various lucky charms such as iron horseshoes, a white rabbit’s foot, or Leprechaun blessed gold coins.  As you enjoy the sensational sunsets that are indeed splendors of the Lord’s creations, keep in mind that the forces of darkness lurk afoot among the shadows of the city lights. Oh, and plausibly a zombie, or two as well!😲

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