2020 April Fools Alert!

Despite the global pandemic taking place April Fool’s Day has not been canceled. At least not as far as the Trickster The April Fool is concerned. He is out in full force to not only paranormally prank people for his own amusement and stoke the Spirit Of Merriment but also to take people’s minds off … Read more

Frenzied April Fool Alert

Behold the return of the most mischievous master of mirth!  The perplexing patron of pranks!  The Amazing April Fool!  Yes perhaps flattery will ease the annual day of embarrassment for us. Among his many stops around the world The Fool always finds time to make Mystic Investigations the butt of his jovial joking.  Whether it … Read more

April Fools Alert

The mischievous April Fool of April 1st, the master of paranormal pranks, is about to make his centuries old annual planetary pranking rounds upon humanity.  Since 2011 The April Fool has been personally gracing Mystic Investigations with his presence by vandalizing our website, and pulling practical jokes on our team members.  All of which are … Read more

April Fool’s Day Alert

April Fool’s Day (April 1) isn’t just a time of pranks, and humor confined to human instigators.  There are magical forces at work instigating supernatural shenanigans. The April Fool is a magical supernatural being who appears to be a jokey jester that performs various pranks and hopefully harmless mischief upon unwitting humans on April Fools Day.  The Foolish Fool is formerly … Read more

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