Blood-Harvest Halloween Hybrid Moon Maddness

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Normally the mainstream media would call the October Full Moon the Hunter’s Moon which is now set for November. However they are referring to it as the Harvest Moon since this Moon is the one closest to the Autumnal Equinox. In the supernatural world we know that it will be the Blood-Harvest Halloween Moon! This is due to the early nature of September’s weak Harvest Moon, and the early Full Moon of this particular October. Normally this is solely the Blood Moon under the deep influence of Halloween thereby causing an exponential increase in all manner of paranormal activity. On the other hand the Harvest Moon generally only affects Werewolves who are drawn to farm fields, and anyone foolish to be there at night! Theoretically the distance of this Full Moon from Halloween should weaken its force. Unfortunately when combined with the Harvest Moon we see a diabolical duo!

We will see supernatural seriousness across the entire spectrum of evil entities concentrated in rural country. Primarily agricultural areas. No farmer will be safe from vampires, werewolves, zombies, gnomes, poltergeists, and anything else that goes bump in the night! Yes even intelligent vampires will come under the spell of the Blood Harvest Moon, and be inexplicably drawn to fields of crops. It’s a fair bet that these blasphemous beings will come across each other, and engage in epic battles! This might work as a distraction so people can escape the horrifying hell!

The Blood Harvest Hybrid Moon truly gets its name from the ritualistic blood sacrifices. Denizens of dark magic utilize the concentrated metaphysical energy of farm fields under this Moon to gain more power.  They have been known to toss innocent humans into the havoc of the corn stalks, and let the monsters have at them! The despicable deaths at the hands of terrifying supernatural beings are considered the sacrifice of souls which stoke the flames of dark energy. Enchanted evils siphoned away by misguided witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers. Depending on the level of carnage this Moon may or may not propel power forth into the infamous 13 Nights Of Halloween.

We rigorously recommend not going anywhere near farm fields between dusk, and dawn until the Moon is below 80% of full. This especially includes farmers! Your farm is at ground zero of localized paranormal apocalypses! If you must venture forth into the dark autumn nights then always at least have a holy water filled super soaker handy along with religious artifacts! This won’t cover every entity, such as zombies, but it will increase your odds of survival. If approached by weird looking people, or those way too hot to even be giving you the time of day, then turn around to run the other way! It’s likely they are practitioners of magic attempting to kidnap you for the Blood-Harvest Hybrid Ritual!


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