Hare Moon Werewolf Watch

A Werewolf Watch is in effect for most of the planet, minus a small strip around the Equator, until the Moon falls below 80% of Full.  This means conditions are favorable for the transformation of those stricken with the demonic Werewolf Virus, aka Lycanthropy. Although rare prepare for the possibility of crossing paths with a … Read more

Tetrad Blood Moon Easter Warning

The Easter Bunny Has Been Reported Missing! The third of four Tetrad Blood Moon Eclipses is about to take place as Good Friday rolls into Passover.  Certainly these unprecedented series of Blood Moons are not only bad omens of dark forces emerging for the final war to end all wars but also a chaotic danger … Read more

Anti-April Fools Day Warning

April 2nd is Anti-April Fools Day and with it comes the evil mischief of the April Anti-Fool aka the nemesis of The April Fool who blesses us with humiliating yet humorously harmless hijinks on April Fools Day (April 1st).  Although the two are enemies they are separated temporally and confined to their respective days which … Read more

Friday The 13th Clurichaun Double Dark Luck Warning

Friday The 13th is already a day when bad luck flourishes in the spirit mind of the human collective consciousness.  However since this is the second Friday The 13th in a row, courtesy of February’s Thirteenth Day, we will now be seeing the rare phenomenon of Double Dark Luck.  This despite us being in the … Read more

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