The Haunted Lighthouse

In celebration of National Lighthouse Day on August 7th, I decided to take my employees on a field trip to Woodland Springs, Colorado’s only lighthouse on Luminary Lake. The paranormal lake is full of supernatural life and is known to suddenly develop huge waves and thick mysterious fog. In the early days of our town a lot … Read more

The Star Bright Specter

Good Day, And Lucky Patrick’s Day Eve To All!   I’m Drake Alexander, Executive Vice-President of Mystic Investigations.  Despite the internet being mainstream for over a decade now, I have had virtually no dealings with the information superhighway.  So I thought it was time to make my first blog entry.  As you may know I … Read more

Spooky Slumber Specter

For the past few hours I’ve been woken up by subtle unholy howling and chain rattling noises bellowing through Remington Manor.  I also could have sworn I heard doors slamming.  After checking the house I found everything secure.  Naturally Rebecca is still sleeping like a log.  So I go back to sleep and thirty minutes later … Read more

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