The Terrenceville Terrors

Somewhere in Southwest Colorado lies the forgotten ghost town of Terrenceville where a nearby Insane Asylum was de-funded by the State Government in 1903. Asylum Director Shawn Adams let loose all the kooks rather than cooperating with a procedural transfer to another facility. It was an act of revenge for the loss of his prestigious … Read more

Operation Palm Tree

Mystic Investigations was hired last year by a billionaire who is the leader of the secret Anti-Illuminati group which works to thwart the Illuminati, aka wealthy elite plutocrats, that run the New World Order.  The New World Order is an multi-pronged organization that controls the governments of the world via corporations, and central banks owned by the … Read more

The Star Bright Strangler Serial Killer

The Comanche County Sheriff  Blake Maverick, Woodland Springs Police Chief Spencer Cantrell, and an FBI investigator just had a joint local news conference to confirm that a series of heinous murders in the tri-county area have been linked to a serial killer known in Florida, Texas, and California as the Star Bright Strangler and also the Back Seat Strangler.  … Read more

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