Rebecca’s Rampageous Bilderberg Battle

Hi I’m Rebecca Abernathy, Mystic Investigations Vice-President In Charge Of Witchcraft.  As mentioned in a previous blog post, our team was hired by a clandestine Anti-Illuminati Billionaire to infiltrate the infamous, yet once secret, Bilderberg Conference, which is code-named the 2012 Palm Tree Conference taking place in Virginia. The Bilderberg Group is an arm of the … Read more

Operation Palm Tree

Mystic Investigations was hired last year by a billionaire who is the leader of a secret Anti-Illuminati group that works to thwart a nefarious organization hell-bent on global domination and enslavement of humankind! The ominous organization is known as the Illuminati.  They’re a chaotic cooperative of wealthy elite plutocrats that operate via their New World … Read more

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