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New Years New Supermoon Manticore Warning

The New Year isn’t all resolutions, and roses.  Unfortunately the January 1st, 2014 New Moon provides ideal conditions for the monstrous Manticore.  Sentient Underworld beasts that resemble lions with dragons wings, scorpions tail, and a humanoid like face.   These demonic … Continue reading

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Baby New Year Alert

The Baby New Year 2012 was born on schedule of precisely 12:00 AM on January 1, 2012.  He fell into the arms of his temporary Earthly dad, Father Time 2011.  Father Time 2011 himself was the Baby New Year 2011.  … Continue reading

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Father Time Watch

Be on the look out for the great Father Time as he wraps up his duties for the year 2011, and tracks down the mystical birth location of the Baby New Year 2012.  He is most visible on New Years … Continue reading

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New Years All Clear

All previous warnings and watches have been canceled as we sail into the New Year 2011.  New Years Eve and New Years Day are generally quiet times when it comes to paranormal activity.  The forces of evil are usually dormant … Continue reading

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