Baby New Year Alert

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The Baby New Year 2012 was born on schedule of precisely 12:00 AM on January 1, 2012.  He fell into the arms of his temporary Earthly dad, Father Time 2011.  Father Time 2011 himself was the Baby New Year 2011.  The passing of the torch went off smoothly, and time will continue to flow into the future at a proper rate on Earth.  The Baby New Year will become Father Time sometime in February when he turns 21 since he will age one decade for every month on Earth.  At that point Father Time 2011 will return to Heaven to resume his Angel duties.  The Baby New Year, and Father Time are in fact Angels.  Each year a new Angel takes on the role to experience being human which includes the aging process.  Father Time also performs various record keeping, and temporal regulatory duties.  Read more at:  As usual one of the first people Father Time will take the Baby New Year to see is Santa Claus.  The first gift of the year he gives out is to the Baby New Year in a ceremony at the North Pole Village.

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