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The Shamrock Storm Moon Werewolf Warning!

The Full Moon of March is most often referred to as the Storm Moon in the supernatural community. However like any Moon, it’s mystical magic can be dominated by various metaphysical forces. Since this Full Moon is four days away … Continue reading

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Lucky 7 Leprechaun Days Of Saint Patrick Alert

In the distant past some Angels began to take it upon themselves, many times in the face of Archangel disapproval, to claim aspects of the so called paranormal pagan world.  Thankfully the Saints who do this were once human, and … Continue reading

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Saint Paddy’s Day Leprechaun Alert

Leprechaun activity has been quite profuse this Saint Patrick’s due to the unusual influx of Clurichauns spreading bad luck, and mayhem about the world.  Ireland, Britain, the United States, India, China, and Australia seem to be the hardest hit by the … Continue reading

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Global Clurichaun Watch In Effect

With the approach of Saint Patrick’s Day the evil Leprechauns known as Clurichauns are now afoot about the world.  These Anti-Leprechauns were once Leprechauns who were lured into the sinister shadows by demons who took issue with Leprechauns spreading good … Continue reading

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