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Peaceful Poetry: A Visit From Saint Nicholas

A peaceful poetry reading in a pleasant English accent of “A Visit From Saint Nicholas“. Commonly known by its first line, Twas The Night Before Christmas. Another fine ASMR video from Whisper’s Red on Youtube. A serene serenade to get you … Continue reading

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A Beauty Nymph Visits Mrs. Claus

After a long day of shopping for new toys, treats, and mystical materials from around the world, Mrs. Holly Claus is paid a visit from a Beauty Nymph. Beauty Nymph’s are the sapient personification of all that is beautiful, and … Continue reading

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Christmas Decorating With A Snow Nymph

Mystical Snow Nymphs, aka Earthly Snow Deities, are just one of the many inhabitants of Santa Claus’s North Pole City. In the ASMR video above a Snow Nymph named Maria, originating from Russia, uses her hypnotic allure to instill the … Continue reading

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