How We Met The Vampire Drake Alexander

Swanky Night ClubIt almost seems like yesterday when I met our trusted vampire associate Drake Alexander. It was back in the days when Rebecca, myself (Xavier Remington), and my brother Michael Remington, now apparently lost in time, were fighting evil on the roadways across the great Continental United States. My brother had a thing for Rebecca, and at some point he decided to go off on his own because he was too attracted to her. Hell who isn’t? It’s hard to resist a Demi-Mermaid witch who looks like a supermodel. Later we got back together when Mystic Investigations was formed. Of course then he invented his time travel device, and disappeared into history popping up every so often. However we haven’t heard from him in quite some time. Luckily our psychic Julia Hathaway can sense he is okay wherever he may be.

The three of us were hot on the trail of a serial killing vampire in Los Angeles. Back then we believed that all vampires were evil. Certainly that’s what we were taught in paranormal college, and Rebecca in magic school for the most part. The stories of vampire evil were always the ones recorded for historical posterity. We certainly never heard about a vampire hero. So we spent a few weeks beating our way through various LA street gangs, and miscellaneous punks with very little in the way of supernatural beings to show for our efforts. That is until the night of the full Moon when we were forced to take down a Werewolf. Said Werewolf had coincidentally led us to a fresh victim of the vampire since Werewolves can’t resist the stink of a new kill. Thanks to some magic Rebecca was able to track the victims blood on a map, and we ended up at a large crowded swanky night club. Rebecca was sure the vampire was in there so we spread out to find the filthy fiend. Rebecca saddled up to the bar, and ordered herself a Mermaid Cocktail. Within minutes a dashing Scottish bastard sat next to her, and ordered a Louis XIII de Rémy Martin Cognac.  He began coming on to Rebecca with a passion as his charms lured her into his world drowning out everything else. Her Mermaid instincts told her he was a vampire, and she used her own charms to counter his, and stay focused on the mission at hand.  He was of course Drake Alexander. They danced closely for a while, and then they actually kissed as Rebecca lured him into the alley out back with a promise of sensual relations. Before that she alerted us with a text message. We were waiting when they came out the door, and Drake started kissing her again. Michael squirted holy water on him as I swung at him with my stake yelling,”Die you serial killing blood sucking son of bitch!” At that moment Rebecca screamed,”STOP!” Smoke rose from Drake due to the burning of the holy water but he only flinched as he caught my hand before I staked him in the heart. He tossed Michael aside easily, and struggled with me while his eyes began to glow red, and his fangs extended. Drake growled like a terrifying lion but I held my own as I can have a temper of my own. Rebecca grabbed him from behind since he was quite enraged, and feared for my life. I then said,”Rebecca what the hell? Finish him off now!” She then said,”I just got the sense that he has a good soul. He isn’t the killer!” Drake then said,”Yes you fools! Do you assume that every member of an intelligent species is a mindless evil monster? I’m on the trail of a vampire killer as well. The same one as you I assume?” We both stopped struggling, and backed away from each other cautiously.

Michael carefully got up as I said,”How can you be good when the Devil’s DNA runs through your very blood?” Drake then said,”It’s a pesky thing called free will sir. I can choose to be good. I can choose to use my powers for the benefit of humankind despite my evil origins. I’m not saying I’m a saint but I help out wherever I can to repay society for any sins I committed in the past. Let us work together to stake the vicious vampire known as Tannenbaum.” Michael laughed, and mockingly said,”Tannenbaum? What a stupid name!” The remark earned a brief chuckle from all of us, and lightened the mood a bit. Clearly Drake knew a lot more about the vampire we were tracking. He was a powerful fourth generation vampire who was well over 1000 years old. Certainly more powerful than Drake who is a 700 something 5th generation vampire. Drake then said,”No offense I’m not sure how helpful you two will be but you Miss Lovely are a different story. If I’m not mistaken I tasted magic, and Mermaid in that sweet kiss.” Rebecca blushed which she usually doesn’t do, and replied,”Why yes kind sir I am indeed a witch, and half-Mermaid.” Drake then kissed her hand, and said,”Excellent! I’m confident we can bag this bastard, and be in my bedchamber by the time the first embers of dawn are upon us my fair lady.” I then interjected,”Hey wait a minute! Nobody is going into your bedchamber pal. Rebecca is my girlfriend!” Drake replied,”As long as you’re not married she’s fair game…pal!” I then said,”Heeeyyyy!” as I frowned. Drake, and Rebecca laughed as we all walked off into the night to find the living dead serial killer.

Drake could smell the blood the vampire Tannenbaum had consumed, and he had already left the club. Perhaps due to sensing Drake, another vampire, being there. We came upon a parking lot, and a Lamborghini came blasting at us with blinding headlights nearly running us over as it raced away down the road. Drake bellowed,”It’s him! It’s the bastard!” Drake ran after the car at super speed while I was thinking that someday I would love to own such a fine vehicle. But then I snapped out of it as Rebecca yelled,”MYSTIC SPHERE!” It only formed for a few seconds, and faded. Rebecca wasn’t as powerful back then. Again she screamed,”MYSTIC DAMN FREAKING SPHERE!!!!” It formed, and she then said,”Consurget!” The clear pink energy sphere rose into the air, and she flew after the car. In those days the Sphere couldn’t carry more than her since in the present I’d go ahead, and hop aboard. There was a biker bar nearby so Michael, and I hot wired some bikes. Before we could take off six biker dudes grabbed us, and we were forced to kick some major ass thanks to our Kung Fu skills. As the lie moaning in pain on the ground we told them it as a matter of life, and death and we would return the bikes ASAP! We then sped away down the road.

Drake sped past the lambo going at well over 100 mph, and suddenly appeared in front of it. The car crashed right into him but he stood as still as a steel post embedded in the roadway. The car wreck was buckled around him, and he quickly bent the mangled metal away from his body which only had some minor bloody scratches visible in the places his clothes were torn. The vampire Tannenbaum kicked his door away in a screaming rage, and attacked Drake like a rabid animal. Drake quickly moved to the side, and then shoved him into an electrical pole which fell to the ground. Tannenbaum got his wits about him, and calmed a bit. The two vampires then engaged in martial arts at super speed right out of a Matrix movie. As Rebecca flew up the fight had ended with Tannenbaum lifting Drake by his neck while saying in a sinister voice,”Why do you interfere in this brother? What business is this of yours? If anything you should be joining me in the wonderful Festival Of Aramus. I only need to kill three more victims of innocence to summon the Djinn to me in gratitude. The wishes he will grant me insure my rule over this planet. You can join me in my noble quest, or die now.” Drake then replied,”I’ll die you sick son of a bitch!” Rebecca then screamed,”Or you can die!” Tannenbaum looked up in the sky and saw Rebecca flying down on him. The Mystic Sphere crushed him to the ground forcing him to drop Drake. Tannenbaum growled,”You can’t hold me for long witch! I sense your power is weakening.” Drake took out a silver stake, and replied,”That might be true if you were going to live for more than another ten seconds!” Rebecca’s Sphere collapsed, and she fell on top of the vampire holding him down as Drake did the same with one hand while swinging the silver stake down with the other. He grabbed Drakes wrist, and held the stake just a millimeter from his chest. Rebecca used one hand to press down on Drake’s, and the stake began to enter his chest. Tannenbaum whined,”NOOOOOOOOOO! I’ve waited 1000 years for this. It’s Tannenbaum’s time! It’s my time to shine!”

To Be Continued…


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