Friday The 13th Demon Specter Defeated

Continued From Part 1: Friday The 13th Demon Specter Strikes

Friday The Thirteenth Demon Specter Of DarknessDrake Alexander, a 5th generation vampire nearly 8 centuries old, found himself lying helplessly on the dark Midnight lawn of the Woodland Springs, Colorado sorority house with the Friday The 13th Demon Specter glaring over him!  The sinister bloody illuminated crimson eyes of the black smokey skulled creature blinded him. Dark wandering wisps flowed furiously from the Specter into Drake, and then back again.  The demon was siphoning Drake’s sanguine energy.  The energy all vampires are powered by courtesy of the blood they ingest.  The demonic specter cackled menacingly as he declared,”Soon you shall be nothing but dust in the wind my puny vampire!”  Indeed unholy smoke vapors were rising from Drake’s body amid the specters own unholy fog. Once his sanguine energy was desiccated to absolute zero his demonic based vampire cells would burst into unholy fire, and there would be nothing left of Drake but ash.  Something that would most commonly happen if a vampire walked in the sun or was staked.

It’s a little known fact that one method of vampire eradication involves removing every last bit of sanguine energy.  However it’s supposedly impossible to accomplish except by magic, and even then it’s beyond difficult.  However exceptionally powerful psychic energy vampires have been known to disintegrate regular vampires in this fashion. Certainly a vampire can lie dormant without blood for thousands of years, and still be revived with a drop of blood.  There’s always just enough perpetual metaphysical blood energy to keep the immortal vampires alive.  Unfortunately the Friday The 13th Specter is a demon, and therefore has the power to affect demon based beings such as vampires.

Julia Hathaway still lie helpless under the dim street lamp on the edge of the road watching Drake’s face age rapidly.  Rather than a youthful thirty something, he appeared to be an old man pushing 100 human years old with the rest of his body losing it’s supernatural muscular tone.  Bones began to protrude amid small twinkling sparkles of unholy light.  The end was near as Julia cried out,”Noooooooooo!”  The demon looked at her with a snickering smile, and said,”Ah yes!”  The sorority sisters looked down from the second floor window screaming while Autumn Parker, the Specters original victim, still lie asleep experiencing Friday The 13th nightmares that included the unpleasant prospect of 13 years full of bad luck ahead of her!  The Specter spoke,”Now vampire I take the last ember of your sanguine sustenance from your pathetic meddling heart!  You had no business interfering in my ritual on this most sacred of days!”

At that moment a determined feminine voice screamed forth, “Mystic Sphere!”  It was Rebecca Abernathy, Mystic Investigations Demi-Mermaid Witch, utilizing her active witchcraft power of creating a pink translucent levitating energy bubble.  The bubble flew right into the demon taking him inside, and lofting the two into the starry skies above.  He looked at her in anger bellowing,”Filthy witch!”  He formed a dark dust tornado as he whirled around her wildly. Thankfully Mermaids can hold their breath for a long time.  However she quickly created a second energy sphere in the middle where she was thereby trapping the specter in the outer sphere.  He was a powerful demon, and she couldn’t hold him for long.  She flew to Nebraska as quickly as possible to enter the Central Time Zone where it was no longer the Witching Hour but rather the 1 AM hour.  The hope was to temporarily mess up his precise paranormal ritual involving 13 victims on Earth all within the Midnight hour in various time zones around the world.  His adherence to strict ritual indicated he was bound by some entity, or force.  The goal was to use this against him!

Back on the ground the rest of the team came to the aid of Drake, and Julia.  Drake practically looked like a sparkling Twilight skeleton on the verge of bursting into full fledged furious flames.  One of our team members Elizabeth Weatherly offered him her wrist pulsing with nourishing blood.  His normal hesitation wasn’t present as he urgently bit into her, and partook of her sanguine sustenance with the thirst of a thousand burning hot deserts! I had to pull her away because she became dizzy. Some muscle tone was returning along with color in his grayed skin. Hunter Jackson, our large Ex-Navy Seal, said,”I can give plenty of pints!”  Despite the horror of seeing his entire Seal team taken down by a nest of feral Nosferatu style vampires in a Middle Eastern cave, he knew Drake was a righteous man so he volunteered his own blood to save him.  Drake bit into Hunters wrist, and drank heartily for thirty seconds before Hunter was forced to pull away.  However Drake’s grip was was like an iron  vice-grips, and Hunter was forced to punch him in the face several times.  Drake was starting to look like his old self as he rested on the Sorority house lawn.  Julia got up as she recovered from the Friday The 13th Specters attack on her.  We only hoped Rebecca’s plan to call upon a powerful Goddess, and thereby lure some other powerful Gods into the fight would defeat this demonic menace to humankind once, and for all!

While flying toward Nebraska amid the sparse clouds, and light of the partially lit Moon,
Rebecca began reciting an incantation while holding a special talisman made of copper with a Chrysocolla stone in the center surrounded by smaller rose quartz crystals. As she lit a magical sachet of various herbs, small crystals, and other substances ablaze, Rebecca forcefully called out,”Goddess Of Friday I humbly call unto thee.  Oh fair Frigga, wife of Odin, mother of Thor, upon this day sworn with your protection. Let this demon of darkness who defiles the day you adorn feel the wrath of your scorn.  May this dark thorn in our sides be torn asunder forever more!” Just as they entered Nebraska air space Rebecca lost her powers between the Demon fighting to escape, and the powerful spell she was casting to call upon the Norse Goddess Frigga.  The Mystic Sphere burst, and they landed in a snow ridden corn field causing white dust to fly about.  The demons eyes stared upon Rebecca with pure hatred as she lie weak on the ground amid dried snowy corn stalks.  He howled,”I don’t care what time it is! You’re going to die witch! And mark my words it will be beyond sinfully slow as I relish in showing you the pinnacle of pain your body is capable of!”  He descended on her making a sinister slithering sound, and attempted to enter her mind but Rebecca’s Mermaid half confused his effort.  However he did begin sucking away what was left of her witchcraft energies, and he finally figured out she was a Demi-Mermaid.  He declared,”This is quite a night for me!  First a Telekinetic Psychic, a Vampire, and now a Mermaid! You’re far away from the sea little girl, and your Atlantean energies will be mine!”  He began siphoning away her immortal essence. Although be it far slower than Drake’s since she was not demonic based.

It seemed her spell had failed since normally the powers a witch calls upon Gods & Goddesses for is funneled through said witch acting as a power conduit.  Miraculously this time things were different for Frigga had heard the call for help, and was deeply angered by this demonic entity claiming Friday, her name sake, for himself even if it was only on the 13th.  A shining white light lit the wintery corn field as bright as the sun.  The demon turned to see a beautiful Goddess wearing a sparkling light blue dress as her aura glowed bright white.  He gave up his efforts to drain Rebecca’s energy, and levitated his smokey form toward the light hesitantly.  He then laughed maniacally,”Oh my a Goddess!  I’ve never been so popular! Am I supposed to be impressed?”  The Goddess Frigga replied,”You sicken me with your mere presence fallen Angel! I shall no longer allow you to defile my day!  I reassert my authority over my sacred Friday!”  He continued cackling, and replied,”Try freak of nature! You so called Gods are a wretched joke!” Energized lightning flew forth from her hands toward him but he quickly dissipated his foggy form, and flew about the field dodging her attacks.  He attempted to perform his tornado act on her but she dissipated it into a thousand orbs of glittering energy that in turn attempted to engulf him.  The two forces attacked, and evaded each other rocking the field in explosive lights causing craters to form everywhere.

Thunder ThorFinally they reformed as Frigga was caught in the demonic crimson energy beams of his hellish eyes.  Her Goddess energy was weakening as he said,”Ah yes did you really think a puny Earthly spirit would be a match for a demon of Hell?  A fallen Angel from the Heavens of the Omniverse God!”  Frigga’s aura disappeared, and she appeared more human as blood began dripping from her nose.  Suddenly from the dark skies an insanely loud clap of thunder bellowed down followed by two huge bolts of lightening.  Now standing in between the injured Frigga, and the demon were the legendary Gods Odin, and his son Thor.  Thor was deeply angered as he cursed,”Son of bitch!  How dare you attack my mother you denizen of darkness!”  He came at the demon with his infamous hammer as Odin knelt down re-energizing his Goddess wife’s life force.  The Friday The 13th Demon Specter was fogging in, and out around Thor until Odin hit him with a humongous lightening bolt that caused him to stay in a physical form just long enough for Thor to slam his hammer into the demons skull.

Rebecca was lying on the ground watching the fantastical spectacle of Gods vs Demon.  The demon lie on the ground as Thor leaped into the air to deliver a final blow of his supernatural hammer on the demon but he shot forth his crimson eye beams to deflect him.  The Specter muttered,”No self respecting demon would be defeated by you pathetic so called Gods!”  At that moment Odin, Frigga, and Thor stood over him smiling as all three delivered lightening energy beams from their hands into his body violently. He screamed in agony,”Noooooo!”  Odin replied,”Ah yes!”  Thor yelled,” Go back to the Hell you came from!” Hel, daughter of the Norse God Loki, appeared.  She presides over the Norse Hell dimension within the general Underworld.  She announced,”I’ll take him from here my Lord!”  She then inhaled his weak unholy vapors, and vanished into the depth’s of the Underworld.  All three glowing Gods then walked over to Rebecca, and shot a warm amber energy into her body.  She immediately sprung up smiling as she declared what an honor it was to meet such legendary Gods!  Frigga replied,”You’re such a brave girl. I’m thankful for you bringing the demonic abomination to my attention.”  Odin then said,”I’m not sure I appreciate my wife being put in danger.  However this was great practice for the coming battles of Armageddon.  We need more people like you to insure that the Gods are victorious in claiming final victory of Earth, and protecting humanity from the dark forces of damnation!”  Thor then chimed in,”And such a striking beautiful one you are my dear!”  He kissed her hand, and Rebecca uncharacteristically blushed as she swooned over the God. Odin cleared his throat, and said,”I think we should leave now before we attract too much demon, and angel attention!”  They bid Rebecca farewell, and teleported on a giant lightening beam into the Heavens above!  The tremendous thunder burst echoed for a minute afterward!  Rebecca then yelled,”Mystic Sphere”, and flew back to Colorado in her mystical energy orb.

News of the Friday The 13th Demon Specters defeat at the hands of the Norse God Trinity sent shock waves across the paranormal community.  It gave hope that the Earthly Gods could defeat the Demons, and hold off the Angels so they could take their rightful position as protectors of Earth & humanity!  This is kind of the sentiment among many in the metaphysical community as they feel the Angels are micro-managing Earth when their job should be presiding over the greater Universe.  Unfortunately a demon can’t be completely extinguished from existence since they are connected to the powerful King Archdemon Devil’s life force, and theoretically Dimitri Diablo’s as well since he’s the current King Of Hell. There’s also the issue with their multi-dimensional spirits. The Friday The 13th Demon Specter is being held in the Norse Hell dimension of the Underworld but how long before demons break him out?  Will we feel his wrath someday?  Who can say?  For now all is well including the college coed Autumn Parker.  Julia was able to use her psychic powers to awaken the girl, and we determined she would not suffer any dark luck as a result of her experience with the dastardly demon.  The Specter was unable to finish his dark demonic anti-luck ritual on her. Drake compelled her to forget the entire incident as he did with the rest of her sorority sisters.  He also hypnotized her along with Julia’s aid to make her forget the trauma’s of her life, and finally be happy!  Once everyone was in a deep hypnotic sleep we cleaned up the sorority house as if nothing had ever happened!  As the embers of dawn flooded across the skies we headed over to the Lumberjack Roadhouse on Forestview Lane for their legendary all you can eat flapjacks breakfast bonanza!

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Friday The 13th Demon Specter Strikes

Mystic Investigations Takes On The Demonic Specter Of Friday The Thirteenth!
The Friday The 13th Demon SpecterAs you may have read in our Paranormal Activity Forecast, we warned of the infamous Friday The 13th Demon Specter and his unwelcome nocturnal visits to 13 unlucky victims around the world.  This special Demon feeds off paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of Friday The 13th), the number 13 in general, and a variety of other frights & anxieties. On Friday The 13th at the Midnight Witching Hour he rises up from the bowels of hell as a sinister black billowy smoke specter with a humanoid skull shaped head, and menacing crimson eyes that flicker forth a foreboding unholy light.  He then ascends upon a person sleeping in bed, and feeds upon their fears.  Although the victim isn’t left physically hurt, they in fact are left mentally weak along with being cursed into 13 years of bad luck.  Luckily due to varying factors, including the innocent magic all kids posses, the specter cannot prey upon children.

Last night we had all returned from Para-Con in Cairo, Egypt, and went to bed early due to jet lag.  Then at about 11:44 PM our Psychic Julia Hathaway had a vivid dream vision that caused her to thrust from a sound sleep dripping with cold sweat.  Psychics have rarely gotten any warnings of the sinister specters evil presence but most likely she got one because he was going to prey on a victim in our fair community of Woodland Springs, Colorado.  Julia had little time to act before the Witching Hour approached, and she only had a vision of the female victims bedroom which included a brief glimpse out the window.  She quickly got dressed, and ran out into the cold February night knowing the unfortunate victim was near.  She ran down the dark sidewalks looking for a particular street lamp, and tree while hoping to pick up a vibe of impending evil.  While on her lone quest she called Drake Alexander, our resident vampire, on her cell phone to apprise him of the impending sinister situation.  Drake in turn called me, and I got the Mystic Investigations Team together.  We all sprung into action to find Julia while Drake was nearly halfway to her as he ran at super speed across town!

Meanwhile a young college student named Autumn Parker had just fallen asleep on an off campus sorority house near the Comanche County College.  The house was dark, and silent as a dozen college girls slept silently with two in each room. Autumn slept alone since her roommate was out partying.  She was a troubled girl with an unpleasant childhood, various anxieties about life, and her future, along with a deep fear of Friday The 13th. As a small child it was Friday The 13th when she witnessed the horror of her father’s blood being drained by what she believed to be a female vampire.  Although based on what she saw we believe it was actually a Demi-Demon.  Especially considering the giant chunk of flesh ripped from his neck, and shoulder!  No doubt the human-demon hybrid would have devoured her fathers entire body if not for the interruption by the innocent child.  The woman halted her attack, and kissed Autumn on the lips before whizzing away at super velocity crashing right through a window.  Naturally the authorities blamed the attack on a rabid wolf, and labeled Autumn as having mental issues.  It’s rare for a human to have even one blatant brush with the supernatural but now the unlucky girl was about to enter the world of the paranormal for a second time big time!

The grandfather clock in the sorority house common area began to chime as the witching hour was at hand.  From the wood floor of Autumn’s room a black fog rose from the cracks in the wood boards.  It was accompanied by a sickening sulfurous stink! It slithered along the floor fluidly over a small shaggy rug until it took the sinister shape of the demonic specter of Friday The 13th! A maniacal smile formed on it’s smoky skull face as the eyes shimmered ablaze with the very glow of Hell itself.  He floated up the side of the bed hissing, and was levitating over the serenely slumbered Autumn.  His face aligned with hers as his large rounded eyes lit her face with his terrifying trademark crimson glow in the dark room.  The black wisps of smoke composing his body began to encapsulate her.  Autumn was having a dream about flunking out of college as Friday The 13th appeared on calendars everywhere.  Suddenly the somewhat stressful dream turned into a full blown nightmare as the demonic entity appeared before her with dark skies, and lightening firing about amid insanely loud thunder strikes.  She ran screaming from him in the most vividly hellish nightmare she ever experienced!  He laughed maniacally, and chased after her with despicable glee!

At that moment Julia ran into the room.  She had unlocked the front door of the sorority house with her telekinetic powers. She cautiously made her way up the creaky steps, and slowly opened the door to Autumns room. The creature cocked his head right at Julia lighting her with his bloody red light.  He attempted to enter her mind but she skillfully blocked him with her psychic powers, and then used her telekinesis to disrupt his foggy body.  He hissed loudly, and said,”Die bitch!”  Despite the Specter supposedly being bound by some force to prevent him from causing direct physical harm to humans there was never a report of the beast being challenged by someone with powers, or another supernatural being.  Apparently it was open season at that point because he blasted across the room, and whirled around Julia like a mini tornado lifting her off the floor, and dizzying the hell out of her as she gasp for breath amid inhaling his deadly black vapors!  Her eyes were forced shut by the sinister soot.  She began to loose consciousness while the bedroom door slammed shut, and everything in the room flew about wildly!  The demons crass cackling echoed throughout the room, and the entire house.

The other girls in the house awakened to the racket and were pounding at Autumn’s door yelling for her to open it up. Suddenly Drake appeared behind them, and said,”Allow me ladies!”  They were startled at first by the unknown man in their house in the dead of night but his handsome appearance, vampire aura, and hypnotic gaze lulled them into sensual submission.  He attempted to kick the door in but it was demonically sealed, and the wood metaphysically reinforced.  He then ordered everyone to get back as he went to the far end of the hallway, and then raced toward the door a super speed splitting it into 10,000 splinters. His vampire vision saw Julia in the center of the demons dust devil.  He sped into it, and grabbed Julia as he crashed out the second floor window with her in his arms.  He placed her on the lawn, and found she wasn’t breathing.  Drake bit into his wrist, and fed her his healing supernatural blood.  Within seconds she was coughing, and breathing again.  Drake looked up at the window to see the demons glowing eyes looking down upon him in anger.  He bellowed,”Silly little vampire boy how dare you interrupt my sacred ritual!”  He immediately sped down in a long snake like line of dark fog, and hit Drake so hard that he flew into the street right through the pavement into the stinking sewer below. Clearly the specter could change his gas like form to a solid at any time.

Drake sprung forth from the sewer attempting to get his hands around the demons neck but he merely changed himself back to pure smoke.  The evil entity laughed maniacally with glee as he evaded Drake’s capture, and simultaneously shot unholy fog into his body.  Since vampires don’t breath he didn’t choke but he could feel his immortal energy being sapped away with each smoke ridden intrusion into him.  Drake finally collapsed on the front lawn as the sorority sisters looked down from the second floor in sheer terror. All the while Autumn was still trapped in her demonic induced nightmare unable to awaken.

The billowy master of Friday The 13th was now forcing his black sands into Drakes entire Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees!body as it came back out with a sanguine glow.  He was draining away all of Drake’s blood energy. The very supernatural energy that powers vampires demonic DNA.  The specter muttered,”You fool!  Did you really think a vampire would be a match for a demon?”  Drake was no longer conscious as he began producing his own unholy smoke.  Smoke that indicated he would soon spontaneously combust into unholy flames that would mark the end of his 700+ years of existence on Earth!  Julia was still too weak to do anything but watch helplessly with her blurred vision while lying on the lawn nearby under the dim light of the street lamp.  The sorority girls had attempted to dial 911 but all landlines, and cell phones were mysteriously dead.  Most likely a combination of the Specters metaphysical dampening field, and the production of electromagnetic energy by two supernatural beings battling it out!

To Be Continued….Did The Friday The 13th Specter Win? Find Out In Part 2!



Friday The 13th Poltergeist

Friday the 13th is always a busy day here at Mystic Investigations. Second only to Halloween. Many people call us with concerns over various incidents they fear are related to the bad luck of the day. Many of the people calling in actually have paraskevidekatriaphobia which is the clinical term for fear of Friday the 13th. Although the day itself isn’t bad luck just as St Patrick’s Day isn’t good luck, the day itself does rarely attract supernatural forces. More commonly though there are numerous forces of evil that are attracted to the heightened fears of people as a result of their paraskevidekatriaphobia.

The actual origin of the Friday the 13th superstition may come from Norse mythology. Friday is named for Frigga, the free-spirited goddess of love and fertility. When Norse and Germanic tribes converted to Christianity, Frigga was banished in shame to a mountaintop and labeled a witch. It was believed that every Friday, the spiteful goddess convened a meeting with eleven other witches, plus the devil to create an unlucky gathering of 13 beings of evil who would plot against the forces of good. For many centuries in Scandinavia Friday was known as “Witches Sabbath.” The exact origins of why the number 13 has always been considered unlucky are unknown. Some say it’s because 12 is considered a perfect number and one more number destroys that perfection hence the bad luck of 13. Christian traditions may have a role as Judas was the 13th disciple to sit at the last supper. His betrayal of Jesus sent him to his death which is the ultimate bad luck.

So a call came in this morning from a frantic middle aged woman living alone with two cats. She said she was having a horrid bout of bad luck and things kept dropping and breaking even though she didn’t think that she had really touched them. She also kept thinking she was hearing angry whispers. She indicated that the cats were in a cage so they weren’t breaking stuff and that she wasn’t off any meds. The woman also kept tripping over things and falling over. Me and Rebecca Abernathy, our resident witch, were headed out to lunch and decided to drop by to investigate. We pulled up to the small bungalow on Shady Lane east of the Enchanted Woodland and all looked well. We knocked at the door and heard a loud crash as the poor woman frantically answered the door in tears. We entered and saw a vase smashed on the floor and both me and Rebecca sensed something nefarious was afoot as a chill in the air sent shivers up our spines despite the fact it was 82 degrees out and the woman had her windows open. We toured her home and noticed the minor carnage and the agitation of her cats as well which she indicated was abnormal. That’s why she put them in the cage. Suddenly she says,”OMG did you hear that?” We hear nothing but she said it was a voice whispering it was going to kill her. She heard it again and Rebecca indicated she barely heard something and felt a presence in the house. Once we entered the basement and smelled a sickening sulfur stink we knew we had a poltergeist haunting. We speculated that it was always in the house but never manifested itself until the woman was overwhelmed with fear from her paraskevidekatriaphobia. As poltergeists often feed off fear days like Friday the 13th bring more of them out to play as it were.

As it was a violent ghost we told the women we needed to get the hell out of here now and began running up the basement steps just as the sole light bulb burst and the door at the top of the steps slammed shut. I muttered,”Oh Crap!” and Rebecca exclaimed,”More like bull crap! Step off ghost bitch!”. Rebecca or Cutesy as I often call her is rarely scared of evil and in fact often gets angry. She raised her hands and said,”Ambisagrus I implore thee. Make clear our passage explode your tempest!” I kid you not that a clap of thunder and what appeared to be force lightening came out of Cutesy’s hands and blew that door to smithereens! I turned to the previously terrified, shaking, and crying woman who was now frozen with fear and said,”Yeah you didn’t just see that.” She replied,”See what?” We ran up the steps and out of the house. I got out my cell phone and called Drake Alexander whose been staying at the Mystic Investigations Safe House while his forest lair is being remodeled. Drake is our resident vampire who fights on the side of good. I told him to expect a house guest. We told the woman she could stay there for free while we dealt with her poltergeist. Rebecca went back in the house to get her cats and few things she needed. When she came out she had a cut on her arm. She then smiled and said,”The little corporeal challenged bastard didn’t like my show of force I guess.”

We arrived at the safe house used for clients hiding out from forces of evil. Although the woman couldn’t afford our fees we informed her that we often do pro bono work because we are truly dedicated to fighting the forces of evil and eradicating them all from this Earth someday. Both supernatural and human. The wealthy clients we receive are enough to keep us living in the lap of luxury anyway. The house was a charming two story cottage in the heart of the Enchanted Woodland. Drake came out the front door to greet us and we introduced him to the woman whose name was Susan. Despite the sunlight he was protected by the dense tree cover. He immediately charmed the obviously lonely woman and her fears seemed to fade away instantly His deep blue eyes, dark raven hair, and Scottish accent beguiles the ladies every time. Oh yeah and then there’s that vampire hypnotizing thing. She asked him if he liked cats and he said he loved them. Although as he held her hand inside he turned around and gave us this priceless look that made me and Rebecca laugh silently. Before I left Drake asked,”I’m running a little low on blood here. Could be a good chap and get me a fresh supply.” I replied,”Ah okay I’ll sent Carrie over with some this evening. Me and Cutesy have some investigating to do.”(Carrie is the Mystic Investigations receptionist) He then said,”That’s great. In the meantime Susan will do. He stared at me with a serious look on his face and then burst in laughter. I then said,”You bastard!” as we both laughed heartily.

Me and Rebecca then went to City Hall to look up the property records to see who owned the house in the past. There was a small list and we then searched for death certificates and there was one match. An old woman named Hadie Daniels who had died from a blow to the head after falling. We then headed to Woodland Springs library to look up the obituary and related news articles. We found out she had slipped on her wet basement floor when her washer malfunctioned and overflowed. Coroners estimated she was dead for almost a month before authorities found her. The house appeared to have never been cleaned, with newspapers, TV dinner trays, and garbage stacked everywhere with an unbearable stench. She had no relatives or friends to speak of and rarely left the house according to neighbors reports which is why it took so long for anyone to realize there was a problem. There seemed to be no indication of any connections to the occult so I theorized she probably had a strong connection with her house and she had nobody to look forward to seeing in the afterlife so her spirit refused to move on. She mostly likely suffered in the end and didn’t die right away causing the build up of trauma needed for a person to become a ghost. In addition she probably had trauma in her life as well. Further investigation revealed she was raised in orphanages and foster homes with some evidence of abuse and strong evidence that she would gets violent at times probably as a result of said abuse. As she was a child in the 1900’s and 1920’s it would have been common for such abuse to not be investigated. She ironically was found dead on Friday, June 13th, 1986.

Now that we had a working theory of the psychology of the poltergeist, we called in our resident psychic and communicator with the great beyond, Julia Hathaway. Our poltergeist expert Rob Edmunds was in Beverly Hills, California handling a haunting at a mansion of one of our wealthy clients. We all met back at the house at around 6:00 PM and noticed some of the windows were shattered. It seemed that the ghost of Hadie Daniels had become increasing more angry since we left the scene at around noon. Just in case we needed him we had Father Tom Davis come down as well. He’s a Catholic priest down at the Woodland Springs Church who often does pro bono work for us although we usually donate to the church in exchange for his help especially in exorcisms. He’s also our chief supplier of holy water which is an invaluable tool against many supernatural beings. Father Tom walked up as we waited outside and he handed me a bottle of holy water while saying,”I thought you could use some more. You haven’t been down to the church in a few weeks.” I replied,”Thanks! We’ve been busy lately. Later on I’ll tell you about what happened to me and Rebecca in Amish country recently.”

We tried to enter the front door but it wouldn’t budge. As Cutesy didn’t necessarily want to display her powers in front of the Father along with his Bible being a drain on her spell based powers, I Kung Fu kicked in the door. We we’re immediately hit with the wretched stench of sulfur as the Father began reciting the Lords prayer as he gripped his Bible tightly in one hand and a crucifix in the other. Julia said she sensed great pain and anger permeating the house. Just then the broken front door slammed shut and looked like it had glued itself together. I then removed the basement door from it’s hinges to stop anyone from being trapped down there. Rebecca led Julia into the basement which was the epicenter of the evil in the house. I stayed with the Father as he made his way around the house and I sprinkled holy water about. Rebecca and Julia sat in the basement floor surrounded by 7 black candles while holding hands around a crystal ball. Julia began contacting the ghost when all the sudden an ice cold wind enveloped them and upstairs a blood curdling scream could be heard. We both ran down the steps but they gave way and we fell to the floor. We were bruised but okay and then we saw the ghostly transparent apparition of an old woman standing near Rebecca and Julia screaming that this was her house and we should all leave before we die a horrible death. Julia tried to reason with her and get into her physiology but the Hadie was having any of that and a giant washing machine was moving right toward them in back of Rebecca. I screamed,”Watch out!” and Rebecca used her hands and flipped backward stopping it with her legs. A bucket then flew across the room and stuck Julia in the head knocking her out cold.

Me and the Father came at Hadie with holy water and words. The poltergeist got right up in the Fathers face and screamed,”GO TO HELL PRIEST!” A cold wind blew his hair back and then her blood red eyes stared right at me as a dryer came out of nowhere throwing me into a wall and knocking me out. Rebecca then yelled,”Hey bitch don’t mess with my boyfriend!” and she then utilized her one natural active power that required no spells. That being the “Mystic Sphere”. The origin of our business name, Mystic Investigations. The mystic sphere is a pink energy ball that repels anything outside it and protects anything inside it. The Father was shocked as he had never seen such power and he ducked for cover as things began violently flying all over the basement. Everything bounced off the sphere as the ghost shrieked loudly in the most unholy sounding voice ever! I came to and was pinned under the dryer. I appeared to be lying in a large pool of blood but couldn’t see how I could have lost that much and still be alive. I threw the dryer off me in a fit of super human strength and sprung up feeling absolutely perfect.

This poltergeist had turned out to be far more powerful than any of us had thought.  The Father knelt in a corner praying as Cutesy held off the fly debris.  The ghost was converging on her and attempted to penetrate her mystic sphere.  It slowly began to push through it like a mouse moving through molasses.  I then pulled out a small cylinder and pulled a pin on it.  I lopped it at the poltergeist and yelled,”Take this you big bitch!”.  The device was a $100,000 last resort quantum level disruption grenade.  Despite being non-corporeal poltergeists must interact with the physical world on some level to cause their havoc.  Whether it be the sounds they make or physically moving things.  Research indicates it’s usually somewhere at the sub-atomic quantum level where energy and matter meet.  Their pure thought connects at that level to activate their physical manifestations.  The disruption device severs their connection with this reality and causes them to wander about the dream plane(world between life and death) for a varied amount of time until they can find their way back.  The hope is that they can’t find their way back which is what happens sometimes unless their connection with this reality is strong.

The grenade burst near Rebecca’s Mystic Sphere just as the ghosts head was nearing hers and there was a flash of blinding light.  As it quickly dissipated we were all lying on the floor disoriented for a bit.  We all finally got up after a few minutes in the dark silence of the moldy smelling basement.  Julia awoke and I took my portable first aid kit to her and tended to her minor head wound.  The Father went to Rebecca and let her know he was concerned about her obvious practicing of the dark arts.  She made it known that she was a witch who worked only white magic but the father began quoting scripture about the evils of all magic. I came over to them and said,”Father I think we just have to agree to disagree on this.  Cutesy’s powers have been invaluable in our fight against the forces of evil and we wouldn’t be alive without them.”  The Father then said,”Very well then but I’m still going to pray for you and I wish you’d come down to the church for counseling.” 

The father left, and Julia went home to recuperate while me and Rebecca drove to Drake’s house to inform Susan that her house was clean…for now anyway but she should stay away until Friday the 13th was over.  We entered when nobody answered the door.  The place appeared empty until we upstairs and found Drake and Susan in bed together.  I then said,”Drake what the hell?  I thought we agreed that you would stop sleeping with clients!”  He then replied,”Sorry pal!  Me and Susan hit it off and the rest was history.  Susan then said,”Oh Drake you’re the greatest lover I’ve ever had.”  We left at that point and figured she wouldn’t be going home anytime soon.  After a fine meal at Zamphirs Restaurant we headed home for the evening.  We’ll keep you informed if Hadie the poltergeist ever returns.