The Terrenceville Terrors

Ghostly TownSomewhere in Southwest Colorado lies the forgotten ghost town of Terrenceville where a nearby Insane Asylum was de-funded by the State Government in 1903. Asylum Director Shawn Adams let loose all the kooks rather than cooperating with a procedural transfer to another facility. It was an act of revenge for the loss of his prestigious job.  Most of the patients went missing, and were never seen again!  Out of embarrassment the State deep-sixed the entire debacle, and covered up the interesting incident which was easy enough before the advent of modern mass media.  It was rumored the patient’s hid among the abandoned buildings of Terrenceville, and inbred with each other along with tourists they kidnapped.  Over the past century various people have claimed missing tourists, and local residents ended up the victims of the mentally ill ghost town populace. Inspection of the town by various law enforcement agencies yielded no sign of any so called residents. So the Terrenceville terrors were always touted as an urban legend.  Mainly by high school, and college students looking to frighten each other. In some cases merchants in nearby communities bolstered the story of the loony bin town to increase tourism.  Now the tales of terror this town has inspired have finally been confirmed as true by us here at Mystic Investigations!

Some of the Mystic Investigations Team barreled down the dusty highway at high noon in the Mystic RV heading back to Woodland Springs, Colorado from a supernatural symposium in Farmington, New Mexico.  It had been a productive two day meeting of paranormal professionals from around the Southwest United States. At the wheel was Mystic Investigations President Xavier Remington. That would indeed be me! Research Assistant, and Werewolf Seth Morgan came up with the brilliant idea to take a shortcut through Terrenceville for a brief impromptu investigation of our own.  Unfortunately none of us had ever heard the urban legend when I said why not, and maneuvered down the tumbleweed ridden dirt road.  We were all eager to get home for Memorial Day Weekend but our curiosity got the better of us!  As we spotted the ghost town ahead both front tires blew loudly, and I hit the brakes.  The RV skidded further, and then the back tires blew as well! Upon inspection we discovered rusty old railroad spikes semi-buried in the dirt road.  We only had one spare tire, and as usual those pesky cell phones can’t get any signal when you really need them the most.  So we decided to wait until our Executive-Vice President Drake Alexander woke up from under the hidden compartment in the floor safely away from the sunlight.  Once a vampire is in a deep sleep he’s impossible to wake-up!  Especially if he’s in the Astral Dream Plane visiting with other vampire spirits from around the world.  We did try to shake him awake but it was no use. The intent was to have him run at super vampire speed to the nearest town, and get a tow truck. Or possibly hoist the whole RV on his back with us inside, and then carry it to town. However that was probably somewhat outside his strength range as a 5th generation vampire.  Certainly his vampire mother Duanna Sargon, a 4th generation vampire, could have accomplished it!

On this trip it was just me, Drake, Seth, our Cryptozoologist, and Demi-Zombie Doctor Ashley Abercrombie (Seth’s Girlfriend), Investigator Elizabeth Weatherly, and Ghost Buster Rob Edmunds.  Back at Mystic Investigations Headquarters Senior Vice-President & Demi-Mermaid Witch Rebecca Abernathy was left in command.  It was 8 AM so we had a good amount of time to kill before sunset.  We scattered to explore the abandoned community that sprung up during the 1800’s as a mining town as evidenced by the nearby rusty railroad tracks presumably leading to an old mine.  Only Seth, and Ashley stayed together while the rest of us went off alone. Elizabeth Weatherly was a British stowaway on the infamous sinking 1912 Titanic when my time traveling brother Michael Remington brought her to the future.  She had read about the old west, and hoped to see it along with the rest of the United States when she was on her way here aboard the ill fated Titanic.  She entered a Curio Shop, and was surprised to find a few antiques still lying around.  It was odd nobody had stolen them all these years, and they were without dust as if just placed there.

She opened a music box that played a most macabre sounding tune.  Suddenly she heard the floor creak. She turned around to see what appeared to be a disfigured looking teenager with one eye far larger than the other.  Elizabeth shrieked, and ran out of the shop only to see an otherwise beautiful looking young woman with a full on beard skipping, and dancing toward her in a disturbing manner while holding her long skirt.  She was singing a song about slicing people up while displaying a sinister smile.  Elizabeth screamed,”Help!”, and was about to run down the main street when a big brute carrying a bloody ax came strolling across the street toward her.  She instead bolted in between the buildings frantically but was met by the disfigured boy, and an even more horrifying looking individual who resembled the Elephant Man.  Her howls for help fell silent as the bearded woman came up behind her, and placed her hand over Elizabeth’s mouth.  The bearded lady then whispered in her ear,”Be silent sweetheart or your friends will die long agonizing deaths. You’re a member of our family now!  Earl John seriously needs a wife.”  A somewhat less than savory looking man, yet not deformed, stepped up from behind Elephant boy, and said,”She’s mighty pretty! Oh might pretty indeed!”  The ax wielding behemoth named Jeb arrived next to the bearded woman, and said to her,”The future father of your unborn child must have heard the screams.  He’s running this way!”

Rob Edmunds ran into the alley between the wood buildings but found nobody. However he noticed the dirt freshly scuffed about indicating someone had been there recently.  He spun around to find the motley crew of societal rejects.  Rob was then instantly met with the butt of an axe to the face courtesy of the the muscular 7 foot tall Jeb!   Out cold he eventually awoke in a dark room with mouth gagged, and hands tied to a squeaky old bed.  The bearded lady named Shelly Ann tending to his head wound.  She silently reassured him,”Shhhhh honey we’re together now.  If you treat me right I might shave my beard off for the honeymoon.”  Rob lie there thinking,”Oh God please shave that thing off if I have to go through with this!” LOL!

I was in the saloon looking around imagining a piano playing, card games taking place Old West Saloonamong cowboys, and gunfights being instigated.  I did think it was interesting that the place looked rather clean when there was an open door letting dust blow in. A small tumbleweed even blew in while I was there.  I was looking into the shattered mirror in back of the bar when I saw the axe wielding giant Jeb behind me.  I said,”Well hello there big fella?  Are you with the Welcome Wagon?”  He ran at me roaring ready to ax me good but I thew two Ninja stars at him rapid fire. One hit his hand causing the axe to fall to the floor.  He fell to his knees, and I roundhouse kicked him in the face causing him to fall backward. I hopped over his hulking form, and ran on to Main Street.  Before I knew it a swarm of freaks came out of various buildings holding large sticks, and sharp implements. One even had a pitchfork!  I then declared,”I never felt so welcome in a town before. The love I’m feeling right now is really heartwarming guys.  Seriously I’m feeling a special connection here!”  Yes in dangerous situations I often act like a smart ass. It’s a defense mechanism. LOL!  They ran at me screaming with crazed looks in their deranged eyes!  I then utilized my special martial arts mix of Kung Fu, and Ninjutsu to let loose my fists of fury, and crushing kicks amid my flying Ninja stars, and throwing knives.

As I fought the mob off I grabbed a broom handle from one of them, and began swinging it around wildly batting them away.  These wayward wackos were coming out of the woodwork in droves, and a whack to the back of the head brought my epic battle to an end!  I awoke on a wood floor with my head aching in what appeared to be a jail with one of my legs chained to the wall.  The sunlight filtered through the boarded up windows with the shadow of the axe loving jerk named Jeb sitting nearby.  Once he saw I was awake he walked over with a menacing look on his face, and said,”If you weren’t already promised to my sister Sue Ellen I’d rip your guts out, and feed them to my hogs!”  I replied,”Oh for joy! You’re the dream brother-in-law I always wanted you big bastard!”  He literally rattled my cage, and roared like an enraged gorilla while unlocking the jail cell. I got up, and he punched me in the gut causing me double over back onto the floor. I then muttered,”May I have another sir?” He then kicked me in the stomach, and I barely replied,”Awwww God thank you! I loooooove it!”  He let out a guttural roar again before locking the cell, and stomping out of the building slamming the door behind him.  I sat on floor allowing my head wound to rapidly heal as all my injuries inexplicably seemed to do since I was a child. This despite the fact that our Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie certified I wasn’t supernatural in any way.  Once I was back to full fighting ability I planned to escape, and save my team members.

Seth, and Ashley went to the outskirts of the town following the railroad tracks as they indulged in their romance holding hands in the desert like wild west outdoors.  They entered a dark mine shaft as Seth joked,”Let’s see if we can find some gold to make a ring for you!”  They giggled amid the darkness that they could see in since Seth had enhanced Werewolf eyesight, and Ashley had a more limited ability with her Demi-Zombie vision.  Seth was by no means in control of his Lycanthrope transformations, and was beholden to the Full Moon.  However in human form he did have enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses.  Still nowhere near that of our 5th generation vampire associate Drake Alexander who still lie asleep under the floors of the Mystic RV in a sealed special tank to prevent him from burning to flames in the light of the holy sun!

Meanwhile a group of nutty Terrenceville citizens entered our RV scavenging it for supplies.  A man named Thomas Allen, the Mayor, and leader of the morons, said,”After you pick this bastard clean get the tractor, and pull this thing out by the barn.  I think it’s high time I had a proper Mayor’s office!”  Drake Alexander deep in vampire sleep was in the astral plane visiting various vampire blood relations including his vampire Mother Duanna Sargon who was currently sleeping in a New York City penthouse. He was unaware of the nefarious happenings going on above him nor in the ghost town around him.

Seth, and Ashley found an ore cart on some tracks.  Seth said,”Hey let’s ride this thing!Abandoned Mineshaft Looks like fun!” Ashley replied,”Why not!”  He shoved it off with them inside, and further down the sloping mine shaft they went. They pulled out their trusty LED pen flashlights as every remnant of daylight disappeared  At the end of the line they climbed out, and headed down a side tunnel because they both smelled something peculiar. The tunnel opened up into a larger cavern. There they witnessed the horrific sight of over a century’s worth of rotting beheaded corpses, and skeletons riddled about the cave.  Seth commented,”Man this is jacked up in a major way!”  They decided to head back, and tell the others about what they found.  Unfortunately they didn’t get far as bright lights were switched on, and a group of loony locals were blocking the way out with sinister smiles on their sick faces!

An old woman wearing creepy mime make-up said,”You really shouldn’t have come down here.  We can’t really let you leave now.  By the way how on Earth could you see in here with those small flashlights?”  Seth replied,”Oh I’m a Werewolf, and my girlfriend here is a human-zombie hybrid.”  The old woman wasn’t amused while some laughed, and a few of the younger ones acted scared.  She turned to the frightened ones, and said,”Don’t fret! They’re just silly sacrifices for our Director Lord Savior The Shawn Adams.”  She pointed toward a side chamber as the pitch fork, and sharp stick wielding clan marched forward.  They all ended up in a room with some despicable looking religious altar that had the well preserved body of a man in a black business suit embalmed inside a glass case filled wtih clear liquid.  The old woman continued,”He released our ancestors from the very bowels of hell itself!”  Ashley replied,”I bet you mean a mental institution don’t you?”  She saw some documents on the altar indicating who the man was. The old woman screeched,”Shut up, and be grateful for the privilege of being a sacrifice to The Shawn Adams!”  The normally well reserved, and respectful Dr. Abercrombie then replied,”I’m more grateful for having the privilege of punching you in the face!”  At that moment Ashley did just that, and Seth joined the fray in the chamber of horrors! Clearly the group was taken by surprise at the enhanced abilities of this unusual paranormal dynamic duo.  Seth heard more people coming down the mineshaft, and they both ran in order to prevent being trapped. On the way up they fought through more townsfolk.  Seth picking up a number of men, and tossing them aside.  The attackers looked shocked at how easily a small girl like Ashley could knock them to the ground.  Once out of the mine they fled the scene quickly!

Unfortunately the group in the Mystic RV managed to find the controls to open the hidden compartments including the weapons cache.  The Mayor now holding a machine gun along with the rest of his now well armed group cut Seth, and Ashley off at the pass.  The Mayor then coldly yelled,”Kill them now!”  Bullets flew everywhere riddling the bodies of both Seth, and Ashley before they could spring away.  Their lifeless bodies were then returned to the mine shaft altar for “proper sacrificing” as the Mayor put it.

Back in the jail I heard the mass gunfire, and picked the old lock on the rusty chain around my leg with a hidden tool I always carry with me.  I picked the cell door lock as well, and then easily kicked down the old wood door of the jailhouse along with beating the ever loving hell out of guy standing guard!  I ran in the direction of the gunfire to witness Ashley, and Seth being dragged away leaving a trail of blood behind.  Although I wasn’t particularly alarmed as I was rather sure they were still alive. You can’t kill a Werewolf nor a half-zombie with mere bullets! There was however a part of me that wondered if any of them shot the one gun that was loaded with silver bullets!  If that was the case then Seth was a goner for sure. Thankfully Ashley would not be affected since silver doesn’t hurt zombies. I lurked back to the RV to see them removing the metal casket with Drake sleeping inside.  They opened it as the Mayor tested for a pulse, and breathing yet found none.  Luckily it was under the shade of a large tree otherwise his body would have began smoking, and eventually catching fire in the light of the holy sun. He then said to one of his cohorts,”Maybe these folks are our kind of people driving around with a fresh corpse!  Take him to the sacrifice chamber.”  At the time I wasn’t worried because I had no idea that their method of sacrifice was beheading. A sure way to kill a vampire! I couldn’t worry about the supernatural members of my team now because I had to find the humans Rob, and Elizabeth. I promised my brother Michael I’d keep Elizabeth safe the last time I saw him before he left on his last trip through time never to be seen again.  At that moment Elizabeth was being forcibly bathed in a horse trough after having her clothes ripped clean off.  The bearded woman Shelly Ann whispered gently to her,”You’re going to love Earl John.  He’s such a big man if you know what I mean?”  She giggled as Elizabeth cringed at the thought.  A girl ran in, and happily exclaimed,”Hurry up, and get her dressed the Preacher is ready for the wedding!”  Shelly Ann, and two other women helped her out of the tub to dress Elizabeth in a dirty white wedding gown.  Shelly was excited,”After you get hitched it’s my turn with your friend Rob!  In fact I have to go get ready now.  You gals tend to her, and make sure she gets to the church!”  I saw the bearded woman run off as I sneaked up on the building.  Sure enough there was Elizabeth standing there as naked as the day was long! LOL!  I allowed her the dignity of getting dressed before I entered.  I ran in and demanded,”She’s coming with me ladies!”  One grabbed Elizabeth, and the other came at me with a large rusty razor blade.  I easily overpowered her while Elizabeth elbow jabbed the other in the ribs.  We both hightailed it out of there, and headed for the hills as the women screamed we were escaping.

Rob wasn’t having it so easy as he was being literally hosed off in a horse stall in a rickety old barn.  The three men standing there were laughing as the man with the hose yelled,”Come on spread those legs!  You need to be clean for your wedding night!”  Shelly Ann strolled in just then, and gazed upon Rob with lust in her deranged eyes as he covered up with his hands.  Shelly then said,”Oh don’t be shy sweetheart!  We’re going have so many nights of love together.  I know it’s supposed to be bad luck to see the bride before the wedding but I just couldn’t bear to stay away from you honey! I just got a new blade so I’ll be shaving my beard soon.  I do declare I look absolutely divine with just a mustache! Don’t you think boys?”  The men all giggled, and nodded.  The bearded woman turned around to leave but she fell to the hay lined barn floor because Elizabeth punched her in the face. I grabbed the hose from one of the guys, and began rapidly wrapping it around each one while simultaneously punching, and kicking them.  They lie knotted up on the ground rather quickly.  Elizabeth tied Shelly up, and gagged her because she kept screaming.  Rob got dressed, and said,”Am I glad to see you guys!”  As I had been skulking around I estimated there were well over a 100 residents in this so called town! We all made our way to the mine as quickly as possible hiding from terrifying townsfolk along the way!

Ghastly Ghost TownSeth was placed on the altar of The Shawn Adams ready for beheading by axe courtesy of the giant Jeb.  Ashley, and Drake lie next in line.  All appeared to be dead but they weren’t.  Seth’s bullet wounds were rapidly healing. Ashley’s far less quickly due to her zombie half not getting the human flesh it needed because she refuses to partake of such cannibalistic acts! Fortunately she could most likely still function being riddled with bullets. Drake a vampire fast asleep without a care in the world was about to meet his demonic maker!  Jeb stood menacing over the sleeping Seth as he raised his axe with sinister glee, and let out a guttural roar, while exclaiming,”This one’s for you my Holy Lord & Saviour The Shawn Adams!”

To Be Continued…..Now of course since I’m telling you what happened I’m the only one you know survived this ordeal for sure! At least I got back in time to celebrate Memorial Day! LOL!

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Operation Palm Tree

Operation Palm TreeMystic Investigations was hired last year by a billionaire who is the leader of the secret Anti-Illuminati group which works to thwart the Illuminati, aka wealthy elite plutocrats, that run the New World Order.  The New World Order is an multi-pronged organization that controls the governments of the world via corporations, and central banks owned by the plutocratic elites.  The secretive billionaire hired us to infiltrate the notorious annual Bilderberg Conference which is held secretly at varying locations each year.  The elites, and their top minions gather there to discuss their nefarious plans for the Earth, and humanity in general.  Months after being hired our psychic Julia Hathaway got a vision of the conference location, date, and code name so we were able to book rooms at the hotel well in advance before the Bilderberger’s took over the entire establisment, and locked it down.

The entire Mystic Investigations team will be at the Westfields Marriot Chantilly Conference Center in Chantilly, Virginia May 31st through June 3rd to infiltrate the Bilderberg Conference which is code named the Palm Tree Conference.  In addition to the main meeting we’re also very interested in looking into a sub-conference code named the SRA Conference.  This SRA meeting will have the top supernatural members of the Illuminati in attendance.  This includes sorcerers, wizards, warlocks, witches, Satanic Priests, Reptilian extraterrestrials, vampire royalty, including the infamous Dracula himself, lycan royalty, and other paranormal beings cloaked in the veil of evil.  There’s even been rumors that the notoriously ultra evil Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo will be there along with Santa Claus’s evil twin brother, the Anti-Claus. Despite the fact that the two are not in sync with the Illuminati, and have their own agenda’s for the planet.  Let’s hope they’re not going start working together.  If so then humanity is in deep trouble, and the Earth may face a dark desolate plunge into eternal damnation!

After the intel has been collected we will be invited to the secret Anti-Illuminati Conference for the first time ever.  There the future founding fathers of Earth’s peace will devise a course of action against the New World Orders devious plans.  Naturally this group of good Anti-Illuminati billionaires, and millionaires need to remain anonymous due to the overwhelming power of the NWO who control the governments, and the major banks of the planet.  We will update you on our daring mission which is code named Operation Palm Tree. We will be in disguise under deep cover within the hotel.  However feel free to come on down, and protest outside the security perimeter where numerous others will be supporting liberty. Wish us luck as we enter the heart of global darkness that dwells within the very bowels of our decaying society!

The Star Bright Strangler Serial Killer

Starlight StranglerThe Comanche County Sheriff  Blake Maverick, Woodland Springs Police Chief Spencer Cantrell, and an FBI investigator just had a joint local news conference to confirm that a series of heinous murders in the tri-county area have been linked to a serial killer known in Florida, Texas, and California as the Star Bright Strangler and also the Back Seat Strangler.  He’s now here in Woodland Springs, Colorado and has been linked to three murders in Comanche County.  One of which took place here a few days ago.  If this sick puppies pattern continues he will commit three to four more murders before he moves on.

Only on nights of clear starry skies does he strike sometime after the Midnight Witching Hour.  He breaks into the victims parked car and hides in the backseat. Then as they’re driving he chokes them with a rope from behind.  A knife found at one crime scene indicates he may toy with his victims first by threatening them with said sharp implement. It’s suspected that the killer enjoys the rush of the car possibly crashing out of control as he finishes off his victims.  Since we’re good friends with Sheriff Maverick he shared the details of the case and we’re pretty sure there’s no supernatural force behind this.   He’s most likely just a run of the mill human serial killer.  In which case he’s made a big mistake coming to my town!  Nobody commits murder in Woodland Springs and gets away with it.  If the authorities don’t get this bastard then Mystic Investigations will!

Last night was a star filled night and we we’re all out volunteering and patrolling the town generally around 24 hour stores, third shift factories, restaurants, and taverns.  Our psychic Julia Hathaway was patrolling with our Executive Vice-President and resident vampire Drake Alexander when she got a vision of a woman coming out of Tawny’s Old Town Tavern at about Midnight.  She got in to her car with a dark figure ominously rising from the shadows of the back seat.  Her screams of terror bellowed through Julia’s head as the man brushed his knife along her face, and hair.  All the while he laughed with maniacal glee! Finally he strangled her to death on dark deserted roadway. Then the serial killer in her vision looks straight at Julia, and zooms in on her roaring!  She was jolted out of the psychic vision shaking with fear as Drake held her in his strong vampire arms.  She described the woman to him.  They were a block away and Drake ran to the tavern on foot at super speed because it was nearly midnight.

The smiling woman with hazel eyes, and brunette hair left the crowded bar and was heading to her car when Drake suddenly appeared in front of her.  She was startled at first but Drake’s handsome exterior, charm, and hypnotic dark blue eyes lulled her into a deep state of relaxation while he lifted her car keys from her purse without her even realizing it.  He got her phone number and walked away behind some bushes nearby.  She got to her car but couldn’t find the keys Drake had just stolen so she went back into the tavern to look for them.  That’s when Drake approached the car and unlocked the door.  As soon as he got in he could smell that someone was in the car with him along with hearing the quiet breathing, and heart beat of a human.

He started the car and pulled out on to Ridgeview Drive and was soon driving through the woods on Mountain View Road at 12:11 AM when all the sudden hands appeared on either side of Drakes head as a white rope came down in front of his face and was slammed tight against his neck.  It had no effect on the vampire as the deep gravely voice exclaimed,”Don’t fight it!  Don’t fight it!  You’ll be dead soon and all will be at peace my friend.”  He then started crazily cackling while Drake said,”The joke’s on you jackass!  I’m already dead!”  The killer stopped his nutty chuckling, and shockingly said,’What!?!”  The killer witnessed Drake’s eyes glowing a neon yellow-green color in the rear view mirror.  The look of joy on his face turned to terror as he got more than a taste of his own horrifying medicine! Drake punched the accelerator to the floor and the car sped to over 100 mph causing the now scared strangler to scream,”Nooooooooooooo!” as they headed for the dead end of Mountain View Road.  A true dead end in this case because it led off a cliff into the deep O’Rourke Ravine.

Drake himself began laughing maniacally as he exclaimed,”Don’t fight it!  Don’t fight it!  You’ll soon be dead and all will be at peace my sick friend!”  All the while the strangler kept trying to frantically choke the life out of Drake without success for he couldn’t even compress the strong vampires throat.  There’s also the fact that vampires don’t breath air since they’re technically dead.  The strangler knew there was a cliff ahead, and attempted to bail out the car door.  However Drake had reached a hand back to hold the strangler in place with his super vampire grip.  He cried out like a baby,”What the hell are you?!?”  Drake responded,”I’m a vampire you little bitch!”  Drake then extended his fangs, and echoed forth a growling sound greater than a Lion along with his eyes now glowing a crimson color.  The strangler looked away, and continued to scream,”Nooooooooo! Why?!!!!!” Within seconds the car crashed through an orange and white fence and dove off the cliff head first.  The serial killers last words were,’Damn you all to hell!!!!!”  The car hit the jagged rocks at the bottom of the ravine and exploded into a huge ball of bright flames.

Drake immediately kicked the mangled door clear away from the burning wreck as he bolted out virtually unscathed.  He patted some flames out on his clothing while chuckling to himself, and saying,”Damn it’s been one hell of night!  Burn in Hades you jackass!”  He then bolted up the ravine at super speed and ran down the road back to the tavern where he found the flashing lights of a police car with an officer taking the woman’s statement since her car was stolen.  Drake felt bad but he knew the woman would forget all about her car when she found a hot candy apple red Ferrari in her driveway donated to her by an anonymous benefactor.  He then ran back to the place where he left Julia.  He found her sitting on a bench at the bus stop yawning.  Drake saw she was tired from her long night of patrolling and picked her up to run her home in his arms.  After dropping Julia at her house Drake called us all to inform everyone of what had transpired. The serial killer had been dispatched with extreme prejudice!

I told Sheriff Maverick what happened and he found the car wreck first and was given credit for finding the remains of the serial killer.  The minute amount of DNA recovered matched the FBI investigators records. Subsequent investigations revealed the identity of the Star Bright Serial Strangler as Abner Cole, a hobo who stowed away on trains to make his way to various US cities to find new victims.  The jealous Police Chief Cantrell muttered something about how he bet Maverick’s buddies at Mystic Investigations probably helped him and Maverick responded by telling him to shut up.  He also told him to stop his mindless security theater, and having his patrol cars trespass on private business property shining their spot lights around. The case is now closed thanks to a fine upstanding member of the living dead community who fights with us on the side of good against the forces of evil, paranormal or otherwise.

When Drake was asked why he didn’t just grab the killer from the backseat the second he detected him in the car his response was,”I’m a vampire!  Despite my will to help humanity I still have an urge to at least sadistically toy with filthy fiends!  Why not satiate my natural tendencies via the scum of the Earth?  Had I not smelled the vile stench of darkness upon his flowing blood I would have drained him of his sanguinity”

Unfortunately it turned out the Serial Killer Abner Cole’s death wasn’t the end of his malevolent existence! Find out how this human serial killer turned supernatural!

§ Updated October 2015