Friday The 13th Poltergeist

Friday the 13th is always a busy day here at Mystic Investigations. Second only to Halloween. Many people call us with concerns over various incidents they fear are related to the bad luck of the day. Many of the people calling in actually have paraskevidekatriaphobia which is the clinical term for fear of Friday the … Read more

Mystic Investigations Table Of Contents Timeline

A Table Of Contents and Timeline of The Adventures Of Mystic Investigations Blog. Some of the dates below represent the actual time of the story or the time we finally wrote it down. Particularly if the adventure happened over the course of days or weeks. 2008 March 8, 2008 – Mystic Investigations Founded In Woodland … Read more

Father Tom Davis: Mystic Investigations Profile

Code Name: Holy Father Corporate Titles:  1/2% Shareholder.  Works as an independent contractor for Mystic Investigations.. Profession Title: Catholic Priest Supernatural ID: Exorcist Areas Of Expertise: Exorcism, Demons, and the effects of Christian artifacts, symbols and the Bible over supernatural entities. Supplies us with top flight holy water and crosses to fight vampires, poltergeists, and … Read more

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