Friday The 13th Poltergeist

Friday the 13th is always a busy day here at Mystic Investigations. Second only to Halloween. Many people call us with concerns over various incidents they fear are related to the bad luck of the day. Many of the people calling in actually have paraskevidekatriaphobia which is the clinical term for fear of Friday the … Read more

Halloween Haunted House

Woodland Springs Annual Haunted House Treasure Hunt Event Sponsored By The Woodland Springs Chamber Of Commerce & Mystic Investigations Haunted House Open 12 PM – 12 AM  October 7th – October 31st.   On Midnight November 1st the house will be closed for the final murder mystery round of the treasure hunt contest. The winners will … Read more


Mortimer Griggs was born in November 10,1837 to poverty stricken Scottish immigrants who emigrated to Boston in 1829.  He grew up there until the age of 18 when he set off to explore the wild west and find his own destiny.  He discovered a major gold mine at Pikes Peak when he was 24 and … Read more

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