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Hallowed Autumn Harvest Moon Werewolf Warning

This particular supernatural September brings us the Hallowed Autumn Harvest Moon. Generally, it’s just the Harvest Moon due to being controlled by various agricultural Harvest Gods such as the Olympian Greek Goddess Demeter. Due to it being within a few … Continue reading

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Hallowed Harvest Moon Werewolf Warning

In the mainstream world this particular Moon of September is called the Corn Moon. Traditionally the Harvest Moon is the Full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox. In this case it would be the October 1st Moon while the second … Continue reading

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September Harvest Moon Eclipse Werewolf Warning!

The Harvest Moon of September is sometimes called the Pumpkin Moon due to the almost orange hue it may have. This large low lying Moon is Mother Nature’s gift to farmers as they go about the titanic task of harvesting their final … Continue reading

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