June Strawberry Moon Werewolf Warning

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June brings us the sometimes rose tinted Strawberry Moon. A Full Moon not only named after its color but also due to June being a time for succulent strawberries harvested at their peak. The sometimes red tint of this Moon is a good thing unlike the nefarious Blood Moon of darkness. In this case, the crimson coloring can either be explained by the Moon’s low lying light refracting position on the horizon or strong localized Strawberry nymph and fairy activity. The metaphysical energies of this months Moon are controlled by various fruit goddesses in conjunction with lunar deities. These enchanted energies facilitate the ascension of minor deities to higher levels of existence. During the Witching Hour we quite often see Goddesses Gaia’s Paradise Plane phasing into our reality in deep rural areas. In these sacred paranormal places secret ascension ceremonies find Goddesses, nymphs, fairies, elves, witches, and other enchanted entities coming together in peaceful union with Mother Nature.

Strawberry Moon Werewolves
Werewolves will be somewhat less aggressive under the Strawberry Moon. However all werewolves who lack transformation control will still go full furry in the lunar light. In areas with high concentrations of Strawberry deities the Werewolves may be downright docile. Still it is recommended never to approach these unpredictable hairy horrors. When traveling forth into the rosy shadows always have holy water, wolfsbane, and silver on your person for self-defense against these meat eating monsters! If you feel your life is in danger it wouldn’t be a waste of time to pray for the protection of a Strawberry Nymph or Fairy as they are in the highest abundance under this marvelous Moon. They are at their peak of power and eager to heed the calls for help from worthy humans. They can easily calm a Werewolf down long enough for you to make your escape. If this occurs you may actually see the deity or at least red sparkles around the Werewolf. It is expected that you will plant 12 strawberry plants the next day and bless them in the fairy or nymphs name. Their name will be sub-consciously implanted in your head through telepathy. Failure to plant the strawberries may bring you bad luck!

A Fairy In The Hand May Equal Immortality!
You can also gently capture a Strawberry Fairy and compel them to take you to their personal strawberry patch hidden out of phase with our reality. Much in the same way you can capture a Leprechaun and gain lucky wishes. Once you release the fairy you may partake of the beyond sweet supernatural berries to gain immortality, the ability to enter the Paradise Plane at will, and see all nature deities around you that are normally invisible. Unfortunately, you cannot take strawberries with you to share nor bring someone back to eat them. Think carefully about the lonely burden of an immortal journey through the sands of future history!

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