Friday The 13th Manhattanhenge Jason Voorhees Warning!

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Manhattanhenge , or the Manhattan Solstice, is the beautiful biannual alignment of the sunset with the monolithic buildings of New York City. This years enchanted event will take place on Thursday, July 12, 8:20 p.m. and Friday, July 13, 8:21 p.m Eastern Daylight Time. The Thursday evening spectacle brings about the standard metaphysical mayhem of ghost, poltergeists, dark spirits, and more!  For more information please read our past paranormal forecasts for Manhattanhenge. Despite this the true danger lies on Friday The 13th as the metaphysical energies mingle with the dark luck of that day!

Friday The 13th spawns Paraskevidekatriaphobia, aka the fear of Friday The 13th, along with Triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13 itself.  These frights foment into a sub-conscious spirit within the human collective consciousness causing increased bad luck and dark metaphysical energies.  The dark luck energies produce metaphysical maelstroms substantially surging forth ghosts, poltergeists, and demons.  Expect the Witching Hour through the Devil’s Hour on Friday morning  to present the most danger. However don’t discount the damnation that lies in the darkness beyond sunset straight through into Saturday morning! Only at first light will all be well again! Also be on alert for Clurichauns, aka Dark Leprechauns, looking to feed off the dark fortunes of those desperately grasping for good luck in their time of need.

Jason Takes Manhattan!
Jason Voorhees is literally expected to take Manhattan! Just like the movie titled “Jason T
akes Manhattan” you will see a rare appearance of this living dead serial killer in New York. Indeed he is a very real supernatural being! This courtesy of the Manhattanhenge manifestations mingling with that of Friday The 13th. Psychics, seers, and mystics are predicting he will spend the evening taking lives in the city while delivering death during the Witching through Devil’s hour in a nearby rural area with a lake. One with a summer camp is his ideal choice! It’s all apart of his murderous demonic ritual to bolster his paranormal power base. Naturally he’s not too bright so this is more or less orchestrated by his infamous Voorhees Cult who directs him about. Although he does sometimes have a mind of his own and veers off the supernatural script. At least on this Friday The 13th we have some idea where he’ll be as opposed to him popping up anywhere in the United States!

If you reside in Manhattan and spot a large gentleman in a hockey mask wielding a machete then high tail it in the opposite direction as fast as your feet will carry you! It’s possible to out run Jason if you know the city well. His natural habitats are forests and lakes so you have the home field advantage. Just don’t find yourself in Central Park or the tables may turn on you!

On a positive note the Friday The 13th Demon Specter is still out of play thanks to Norse Gods!

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