Sainted Yule Moon Werewolf Alert

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The December 2022 Full Moon falls a mere day after Saint Nicholas Day. This Sainted Yule Moon is deeply infused with the Spirit Of Christmas and the very soul of Santa Claus. These holy enchanted energies intercept the metaphysical energy of the lunar light thus purifying it. This in turn causes favorable reactions when interacting with the demonic DNA of Werewolves. Under this saintly Moon, older werewolves will most likely not suffer transformation into a hairy horror. Younger ones will actually transform into harmless white fluffy wolves that you may approach and pet for good luck. Consider this an early gift from Santa Claus! That being said, the forces of demonic darkness consider this an abomination and mockery of their monstrous creations.🐺

Seriously seasoned werewolves who have careful control of their transformations can turn into their normal furry selves with some extra effort. Thankfully, they maintain their human persona rather than becoming mindless monsters preying on humans for dinner! Of course, if the werewolf is an evil person then there could still be trouble. Not to mention werewolves under the control of dark witches and warlocks! Odds are slim you’ll run into such a werewolf under this Moon as it sends forth calming peaceful vibes. Werewolf Repellents will work three-fold just in case you run into trouble. Any other potential paranormal perplexities will be minimal. You can always pray to Saint Nicholas for aid if you face sinister supernatural situations during the Christmas Season!🎅

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