Friday The 13 Demon Specter & Poltergeist Warning!

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Friday the 13th is tomorrow, and the day itself isn’t necessarily bad luck.  However the heightened fears, and anxiety let loose into the collective human consciousness due to paraskevidekatriaphobia attracts causes increased paranormal activity.  Ghosts, Poltergeists, and Demons in particular.  Be on alert for increased violent Poltergeists activity in places people have died, or even in places where weak minded people reside.  These weak minded individuals will also be susceptible to demonic possession. 

In addition there is a particular threat from a demon who appears as a black smoky specter with a skull like head, and red glowing eyes.  His appearances have  increased with each successive Friday the 13th since the turn of the 21st century.  He is most likely feeding off fears of 2012 disasters so expect to see him even on nights that aren’t Friday the 13th.  Paranormal professionals refer to him as the Friday The 13th Specter but he is in fact a demon from the very bowels of hell itself. 

The demonic specter spreads bad luck that appears as plumes of wretched sulphuric stinking black smoke with wisps of grey within it.  Usually at the witching hour on Friday The 13th.  If you’re sleeping then the sound of his shrieking voice will rustle you out of a sound sleep.  He will then literally paralyze you with his red eyes as he slides over the floor, and up on to your bed like a sinister snake.  Once paralyzed he will flow over you enveloping you in his suffocating foreboding fog.  It will feel like death itself has descended upon you but fear not for he does not have the powers nor the authority of the Angel Of Death.  After a minute that will seem like an eternity he will finally flow away into the floor never to be seen again. Unfortunately he has fed off your fear, and left behind a specter of bad luck that will haunt you for 13 years.  For those of you who fell prey to him we pity you on your dark 13 year plight down the blood stained road of hell.

So what can you do to repel this filthy fiend?  Surround your bed with holy salt blessed by a priest along with drinking at least 4 ounces of holy water before bed.  Wearing  a silver cross, and having a crucifix hanging over your bed wouldn’t hurt either.  Although holy symbols of other religions will work as well.Be sure to stay awake at Midnight, and don’t go to sleep until after 1:00 AM.  While awake clear your head of all fears, think happy thoughts, and pray to your God or Goddess for protection against this dark force of evil.  Perhaps read the Bible or your holy book of choice to get your mind in a holy place.  If you spot him approaching avoid eye contact, and have a bag of holy salt next you.  Toss the salt violently in his direction until he sinks back into your floor.  Don’t worry he hasn’t gone downstairs, into your basement, or crawl space.  He’s slipped back into the hell dimension, and will re-enter Earth somewhere else to victimize another vulnerable soul.

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