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Leap Day Demon Goddess Chuang-Mu Warning

Chuang-Mu, the Chinese Goddess of Bedchambers, divorced her God husband Chuang-Kong some centuries ago, and decided to spice up her life by joining the demonic masses of the underworld.  Generally Gods, and Demons steer clear of each other but every … Continue reading

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Friday The 13th Demon Specter & Poltergeist Watch In Effect!

A Friday The 13th Watch is in effect as each time zone on Earth moves into it’s murky dark luck waters.  A specter of misfortune born from paraskevidekatriaphobia, the fear of Friday The 13th along with Triskaidekaphobia, fear of the … Continue reading

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Friday The 13th Devil And Werewolf Warning

If the Devil now walking among us in a human like form wasn’t bad enough we now have another Friday The 13th among us.   A day of dark energies permeated with bad luck that the Devil uses for his own … Continue reading

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Magical Leonid Meteor Showers Powers Alert

This last minute report is for right now this very Saturday morning.  The expected Leonid Meteor shower will have supernatural elements to it as many meteor showers do.  One meteor in particular will be sparkling gold with a glittering rainbow … Continue reading

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