Ghost-Poltergeist Watch

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Geomagnetic storms are raging in the upper atmosphere at the same time solar x-ray activity is highly active.  The increased solar energy charges our environment with unseen energies of enchantment that lure ghosts, poltergeists, and even demons out of their fifth dimensional realm. Once in our reality a great many will cause havoc whether it be on purpose, or unintentionally.  Spirit activity already present here will be super charged, and powered up for paranormal action! Some may even manifest in a metaphysical matter form!

We suggest exercising extreme caution in any building where someone has died along with the usual haunts of spooky specters.  They of course include graveyards, mortuary’s, county morgues, funeral ceremonies, hospitals, and old folks homes.  Anywhere the stink of death is afoot there will be non-corporeal entity activity.  Although they may not always manifest themselves to humans.  This turbulent time could possibly open our physical realm to a wide array of undesirable higher dimensional beings. On the other hand it may be a great time to try, and contact the dearly departed via Medium, or Psychic. Other areas of danger include zones of high electromagnetic activity such as large power lines.

In general Ghosts are mainly harmless deceased humans that may manifest in visual and/or auditory ways.  Poltergeists on the other hand are evil to the core! These malicious spirits of darkness are extremely dangerous entities who can also insinuate themselves in a physical manner at times.  They have a nasty knack for performing telekinesis and hurdling objects at people in a menacing manner.  If you feel, see, hear, or smell the sinister stink of an unknown paranormal presence then please vacate the area ASAP and contact your local paranormal professionals which include ghost hunters. Priests, and practitioner of real magic may come in handy as well!

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