The Creation Of Ghosts Through Traumatic Death

Ghosts are most often created through a traumatic death.  The video below illustrates that to an extent but I’d classify the people in the video as being Limbo Ghosts or Limbo Spirits as they are no longer on Earth but in the dream plane between life and death.  In many cases they have no idea they are dead and continue to function normally as if alive.  Even interacting with what they believe to be physical objects which are instead carbon copies in the pure thought dream plane.  In addition bubble Universes can form through the power of their pure thought where they are in essence physically manifested for a time along with their surroundings.  Once they realize they’ve died it bursts and they move on to the after life.   Sometimes they have the will power to return to Earth and become a real ghost.  Usually this is to accomplish a mission which most likely involves righting a wrong.

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