Percy Allen

Percy Allen is a  paranormal investigator on the fringe of the legitimate supernatural community. He believes that all supernatural beings are evil and his mission is to expose all paranormal beings to the world so they can be eradicated. Even if that was possible he would be taking a lot of good people down. Really though, it would only cause mass hysteria and the evil forces would feed off it and grow out of control.  This misguided individual stumbled onto the world of the paranormal as a small child when his mom was dating our very own resident vampire Drake Alexander. Apparently one night some men broke into the house and he saw Drake transform into a vampire and kill the thugs in a rage!

Drake had only begun dating Percy’s mom when this happened. He was a tenant renting out the house she owned next door in the suburbs of Saint Louis, Missouri despite having a mansion in Woodland Springs, Colorado at the time.  Drake was on an independent case and was interested in Percy’s mom so he decided to stay awhile.  He had been out for a late-night walk when he heard her scream but unfortunately, he was too late to save her life.  Percy had been half asleep and only witnessed the chaos and was convinced that Drake killed his mom.  Especially when he claimed to be visited by his mom’s ghost on a number of occasions.  She falsely indicated that Drake killed her.

It took a few decades but Percy finally found Drake when he stumbled upon him at PARA-CON. Drake was holding a seminar about vampires.  We had heard about Percy before this and only knew him as a conspiracy nut. After this run-in with us at the paranormal investigator’s convention, we looked into his past and Drake finally realized who he was.  Unfortunately, Percy was so scared that he bailed from his home and was nowhere to be found.  He surfaced again at the Mystic Investigations New Years’ Eve Party at Remington Manor.

Percy continued to cause trouble over the years and eventually, the supposed ghost of his Mom was indeed her but rather a vampire. Drake couldn’t bear for her to die and he brought her across into eternal bloody darkness. However, she disappeared afterward without a trace. Now she manipulates her son Percy into exacting revenge on Drake as she regrets her vampire existence. Percy eventually learns the entire truth about what happened on that fateful night. She is about to turn Percy into a vamp but he reluctantly stakes her yet misses the heart. At the last moment, Drake kills her and she turns to unholy ash. Drake and Percy finally come to an understanding. Percy goes away to find his place in life.

In the future, he gets addicted to Borrowed Magic. Magic that grants him a Glamour causing him to appear to be an extremely handsome 6′ 4″ muscular man. For a time Mystic Investigations believes he’s simply a new paranormal player aiding our fight against the forces of darkness. Later Drake helps him withdraw from the magic along with making him realize the wicked witch who helped him had a sinister agenda.

Physical Description:  A skinny balding thirty-something with a comb-over. Height is 5′ 5″ even with his shoe lifts! Most likely 5′ 3″.

Last Known Residence: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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