Million Dollar Mystic – The Case Of The Missing Chupacabra

On February 22nd we received a call from the Estate Manager of Billionaire Wayne Scott. One of four Billionaires who lives in Woodland Springs due to the exotic paranormal nature of our town I would assume. Mr. Scott is a young thirty something bachelor who made his fortune on the internet. Before the year 1998 he worked in a fast food restaurant making minimum wage. The purpose of the Estate Manager Celia Jordan’s call was to report that Mr. Scott’s rare prized Chupacabra had escaped from his private cryptid zoo. Not soon after the call and over the course of the week there were numerous farm animal deaths and mutilations which clearly were caused by the little beast. There have also been reports by people that it had chased them but it was scared away by loud noises or bright lights.

Chupacabra’s are miniature menaces no taller than 2 feet tall and they have elements of reptile, vampire and demon DNA in their blood. The Chupacabra is technically not a living dead creature despite the vampire and demon DNA. Their origins are unknown and they generally only come out at night or lurk in the shadows during the day as they have a deep aversion toward sunlight which probably originates in their vampire DNA. They hunt for small prey and are notorious for their love of goats blood although they will suck the blood of any small animal available. Their large sharp vampire like fangs handle this task efficiently. All animals they hunt down are needlessly mutilated during their rabid blood lust. If an animal is bitten and survives by some fluke it becomes a hybrid Chupacabra. These are the most rare of the species and some animals die because the DNA transformation is so overwhelming.

Humans who get bit don’t transform but rather develop a deadly virus which can make them act violent and irrational. It’s something similar to rabies except the symptoms are much worse.  Are very own Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie along with a top secret private research team developed an anti-virus some years ago before she came to work for us. It’s now standard issue for those of us in the paranormal investigation and hunting community. Unfortunately there’s not many of us so she didn’t make a financial killing. However she got paid $100,000 for being instrumental in finding the filthy little fiend near dawn this morning and returning him to Wayne Scott unharmed. The entire bounty on the Chupacabra was $1 million dollars which is the single biggest pay day for any case we’ve ever had! The other $900,000 went to expenses, and was also spread among the other members of our Mystic Investigations team.

We pulled up to internet Billionaire Wayne Scott’s estate at 10:00 AM in our Mystic Van.  We were greeted by Estate Manager Celia Jordan who took me, Rebecca, Ashley, and Hunter.  The rest of the team was on other cases (Julia & Rob), deathly afraid of Chupacabra’s (Elizabeth), in school (Zack), or  can’t come out in sunlight (Drake).  She told us about Mr. Scotts Cinderella story from rags to riches thanks to the internet as she walked us across the grounds to his private cryptid zoo.  Mr. Scott apparently discovered the world of the paranormal once he became a billionaire since it’s pretty hard to keep a secret from someone with that much money and power.  Since then he became fascinated with all manner of supernatural beings and wished to own them all.  In fact he employed an army of cryptid hunters to capture them from around the world.  As Celia told us this she seemed to only be making eye contact with me and kept touching my arm while smiling seductively.  Rebecca just kept scowling at her.  I was secretly laughing inside.

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The zoo was housed in a large building at the rear of the estate with some outdoor cages as well.  Once inside it sort of smelled like a zoo but at the same time something was very different.  The entire place sent chills up my spine as I gazed upon creatures most humans would never see nor even knew existed.  Ashley was like a kid in a candy store and the smile on her face never faded.  Among the animals at the zoo there was a barmanou, Andean Wolf, bunyip, Elwetritsch, Devil Bird, Ennedi tiger, Fouke Monster, Globster, Inkanyamba, Kting Voar, Menehune, and more.  A huge clear tank of water as big as a small house contained a Storsjöodjuret.  Sweds usually call it Storsie as they consider it their version of the Loch Ness Monster.  The Swedish lake monster seemed mesmerized with us as he stared directly as us for several seconds.  Then he violently lunged at the glass creating a huge vibrational force that nearly knocked us over.  Hunter Jackson, the ex-Navy Seal, apparently couldn’t take anymore and disappeared outside.  Ashley laughed and was in awe at the Jersey Devil housed in a giant aviary of sorts.  It flew about the glass chamber glaring down at us as if it wanted to eat us alive.

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Celia informed us that the glass and steel used to house the cryptids was a special magically infused material that was nearly indestructible.  I then inquired as to how the Chupacabra escaped such powerful confines and she told us that a careless Cryptozoologist did not secure his alternate cage he’s moved to when his main cage was being cleaned.  He apparently bolted out, attacked the zoo keeper, and vanished out the unsecured door of the main cage.  I asked what happened to the zoo keeper and she said she wasn’t at liberty to reveal that information.  She took us up to the mansion, which made Remington Manor look like a hovel. and we finally met Mr. Scott himself.   He offered us some wine but we refused due to our policy of not drinking while on duty.  He then said, “So what do you folks think of my little zoo?”  Ashley excitedly replied,”Mr. Scott it’s quite impressive!  I’ve never seen so many cryptids in one place.  Gosh I’ve never even seen half those animals in person.  Not even while attending Cryptozoology College.”  He then said, “Ah yes I’ve read your dossier and your education and accomplishments are quite impressive.  I wouldn’t mind having someone like you on staff or perhaps working at my corporate research facility.”  I frowned a bit and saw Ashley was still grinning.  She was clearly enamored with Wayne so I changed the subject and interjected, “So Mr. Scott what happened to the Cryptozoologist who was attacked by the Chupacabra?”  He had an odd look on his face for a second before replying, “Oh he’s fine.  He was treated with Ashley’s anti-virus.”  Despite his claim I got the feeling that the zoo keeper probably died from being mauled by the little beast.  Especially being in that confined space.  He also told us about how he came across the Chupacabra on the South American paranormal black market by pure chance.  After a few more minutes of pleasantries we excused ourselves to begin our investigation…To Be Continued.

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